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Electrical Vehicle Charge points

Electric charge vehicle is one of the latest technology which are being by the car manufacturer. Consumption of such kind of cars are very high… Can any one tell me what kind of issues you are facing while driving such kinds of cars.

First The Twizy does not support Type 2 connections only 3 Pin Uk sockets.
secondly we don’t all live in London.

The app sounds good and aiming in the right direction, but I like many will not pay for something that does not cover the areas I want. Therefore I’m unlikely to help inputting locations and details for other locations.

Perhaps start out free and then charge when the database is large enough. Yes we are tight ‘up North’ :smiley:
But .58 Euro is still a payment.

currently more than 150 charging station apps and websites exist… why not support the open source community effort that already documents 13,259 locations rather than becoming part of the problem?


I agree with Kevin and Osbrook, OPENCHARGEMAP seems to be going the right way, its certainly got a fair selection on 13 amp sockets dotted around and its free