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Just had it confirmed that as an EV user, I’m entitled to one of the OLEV Home Charging points and as the spiel went on, noted that it was to be type 2 only. After some negotiation, the ‘install partner’ SSE advises that their preferred socket from Rolec does indeed support 13a Twizy users.

If you look at the picture, you’ll note the lower section with the Type 2 plug connected is actually a dummy socket and a blanking plate. Twizy users can request this be upgraded so that instead of a Type 2 holster, it is a 13a standard socket. (The Type 2 lead is simply wound round the unit and the holster fitted adjacent). Consumption of both outlets are monitored.

Survey is later next week.

Buzby, this is interesting as I have just had a free charging point put in at home through POD. They stated that you dont have to have an EV to have one installed and were very helpful. The main charge lead is a type two as well, this is no good for anyone with either a Twizy or looking to upgrade to a Zoe. However as I helped the installation engineer and supplied a garage board plus a metal clad double socket he agreed to add this into the installation and installed it for me. There are always ways to get around it! It would be possible to change the charge head for a type three if required but the POD company refused to do this for me.

Just an update - my home charge point (Rolec) was installed by SSE today. As you can see from the picture, although it has a 5m Type 2 trailing lead, the lower section is indeed a Twizy-friendly 13a standard socket. Through the wall however, is more hardware - including:

32a MCB within its own enclosure
Communications module - SIM card, and consumption meter (this is secondary to my main meter)
A dedicated earth spike.

There were no leaflets or documentation provided advising how to make best use of it either.

Despite all this control technology, there currently (pun intended) is absolutely no way you can instruct the device to only charge during off-peak hours. My plans to have it wired directly into my Off Peak circuit were dashed when the electrician advised the comms module would crash if power was routinely removed from t during peak hours. I was then told they could wire in an additional timeclock (at further cost) to provide the switching I required.

He suggested that the comms module could possibly control this at a later stage but as ROLEC did not provide any paperwork he could not advise further! So one step forward, and two back! Incidentally, the Comms unit is built into the meter and sits atop the LCD display. Out of shot is a small GSM whip aerial. This connects to the MeterOnline web portal.

But at least my Twizy can use it to recharge!


Do these Rolec charge points come with any type of lock on them?

My only concern is for example when nobody is home, or on holiday that there is just a freely accessible plug on the front of my house that anybody can use. Normally you could just put a switch on the circuit to turn off the power, but as you said it must have power at all times then this wouldnt be an option.

There is a rather basic hole in the plastic cover which a user could use a small padlock to inhibit access to the 13a socket, but if you very worried about itinerant Twizy users getting a free ‘hit’ - ii’d be more concerned about the Type 2 lead which simply needs to be unwound and plugged into any Type 2 EV (Zoe excepted).

However, the installation does have one secure fallback - there is a circuit breaker between the Smart Meter and the external socket, complete with RCD, so if you had issues, that’s the best place to control the supply.

**[FONT=Verdana]Morning All,[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]DAS Technology Ltd offer the OLEV approved Rolec Wallpod system[/FONT]

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**We will donate £24 to Zero Carbon World for all installs that come from LeafTalk forum

The upgrade to a 32amp unit is recommended by Rolec to be charged to the end user at a rate of £100+vat.
**DAS are willing to offer the 32amp upgrade to forum members at our cost price of £70+vat.

Please note that the above is subject to an electrical survey… all upgrades to your electrical system will be chargeable at a fair rate.

We can offer a physical survey and remote survey forms to help speed up the process.

Should you choose a DAS Solar PV system we can add a 7amp charge regulator FOC.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - [email protected]


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As standard, the Rolec Wallpod - which is one of the few that come with a standard 13a socket (for Twizy) as well as a tethered Type 2 male connector (for possible future use) may seem a good idea, however the Rolec has not realised EV 13a plugs have a larger profile and - as specified - will not accept these 13a plugs to permit charging.

The wall pods need the Mark 2 version 13a socket, but this is currently supplied only to special order - so this should be noted at any EV pod installation.

Finally, whilst the hardware is being provided free I note you plan to charge for installation. It should be noted that it is possible to have BOTH the hardware and installation, meaning the consumer has to play nothing.

Perhaps you could revise your business model?