Enhanced Autopilot slowly working

I got the software update for this at the weekend, although it took a few days to ‘learn’. I then got TACC (Traffic Aware Cruise Control) which is basically adaptive cruise which will bring the car to a stop and start again. You can see in the image how it see’s a vehicle two in front due to bouncing the radar under the vehicle directly in front.
Then yesterday on the Motorway I got the auto steer working (albeit under 45MPH), as it looks like it is GPS triggered and only works on Motorways at the moment, but I had a LOT of traffic on the M25 and M1 yesterday so a good chance to try it out. Worked through the Dartford Tunnel as well.
Only once did I take over, when it looked like it was steering to the left into that lane, so stopped it before it proved me wrong!

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