Epic Twizy Journey

I just spotted this epic Twizy Journey on Twitter. James and Kate are travelling from Aberdeen to Leicester non-stop (well stops every 30 miles or so) in a Twizy.
Twitter feed @KateFantom https://twitter.com/KateFantom
Real time progress report https://glympse.com/07MB-FV8N

I am sorry that I missed them in Dundee, I would have come out to cheer them on

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That’s what real men are made of! That is a litterally cool, dark trip. I’ll follow him on his journey!

Amazing journey :smiley:

An incredible video, the guy is made of the hard stuff that’s for sure. Just shows how versatile the Twizy really is!

Most of the short journey stops were due to brake problems causing drag. Thankfully one of James’s plug in stops solved that, what nice community it is. The rest of the journey back to normal range between charges.
Yes, the guy is a legend in his dedication to delivering EV’s to far off destinations :grin:

Do you live in dundee? I’m carnoustie. Do you have a twizy?