Epic Twizy trip to pick up my new car

Firstly big thanks to Dave from Grasmere who I purchased the Twizy from and Martin from evbitz.uk who provided the type 2 adapter to make the journey possible. Also Keith.H for selling me Kenneth’s powerbox that made the journey an absolute hoot.

My journey started early morning getting a train from Warrington at 0615 picking the car up at 8am and getting home approx 100 miles away at 8pm.

The stops where pre-planned based on zap-map being 1.free and 2. either 3pin (very few) and type 2 as I had evbitz.uk type 2 adapter to test.

I had 10 available on the route and the ones used on my map above.

The detail of the stops is below.

My 7 year old son came along for the ride and for the most part was great although waiting for the charge didn’t really compute for him!

OK let’s start with the negatives and I don’t mean with the Twizy just the journey.

Only had 2 charge issues 1. @ Renault Preston near docks there chargemaster point would not work with my type 2 connector. Said it worked earlier in day but didn’t hang around and went to St George’s shopping in Preston. Had 2 clear marked charging bays and 3 pin sockets. Only issue is the Twizy chunky plug would not fit. Luckily I had my utility knife and cut the plug down slightly to fit. Phew and only had 2hrs before closing to charge. Other than that every stop was perfect either the dealers couldn’t have helped more or the pod point stops worked flawlessly.

Now it’s in garage on charge for some proper fun later when not got range anxiety and driving like Miss Daisy.

Having the type 2 cable really made this journey possible and gives me the confidence to venture further as was especially impressed with the podpoint chargers at Lancaster University and Burscough. Will try another few local to me today just to confirm reliability.

The powerbox was simplicity in itself, picked up from Gilpin Bridge where Keith.H had kindly dropped off for me. Set to medium safe setting and wow. 0-30 is like a rocket. Didn’t use the power too much as had to save every mile. I did upgrade both brake regen to eek more out and did seem to help as miles left was always higher than travelled.

Suffice to say I will be adjusting it more later.

All in all was very enjoyable and proves what can be done. Saw some beautiful scenery by staying off main roads in Silverdale and had the perfect co-pilot in my brave son for attempting it with me.

Please ask any questions as I cannot put more in. Off to wash it and get ready for later.

Ian. Twizy Widnes

Excellent write up for what sounds like a top journey! I too have an EVBitzUK Type-2 Adapter and an encouraged to hear that you were able to use it successfully. I remain VERY confused however as to which of the multitude of Recharge Point providers warrants my subscription, as being relatively new to all this EV stuff, I really don’t understand enough about the coverage. I am ready to subscribe to one provider (I live in the southeast, near Guildford), but would appreciate advice from those that have been round this decision making process before.

Am I correct in thinking that the Type-2 connector points are faster charging than the Twizy can take, but that they just draw what they need at the normal 10A or so, regardless of the current delivery capacity of the charge point?

And are there really still some free 3-pin 13A points around the place? I have downloaded the ZapMap App and will try to understand how this whole charging thing works when out and about, as for now my journeys are limited to the one-charge-from-home range.

The type 2 cable should work with most 7kw and possible 22kw stations and does indeed just provide what the Twizy needs. The majority seem to be 7kw which is perfect.

It is indeed confusing over the networks and zapmap with a bit of use is probably the best. Look below as I have posted a screen shot of the apps I use on Android. They all have their uses but best to try what they show in your area.

I’m going to test most in my area so I know they will work and update the apps while charging.

That’s really useful, thanks!

Really enjoyed the write up and it shows that distance is no object with some good up front planning

I think if there were “Twizy” medals then he deserves one!

Well done Ian (and Son!)

Great adventure !!
Don’t suppose you want to do it too often !!:weary:

Apologies for my lack of knowledge here, but were you a signed-up, cardholding member of the schemes/companies that ran the recharge points you used Ian? Is there any cross pollination between charge point providers or is it just a typical free-for-all mess? Thanks!

It’s an organised free for all. Most networks say they need a card or app and while they may initially charge they may cut out if not signed into the app. Podpoint say this but they just worked. Ecotricity tend to be on motorway networks for the newer fast charge cars and cost a lot £6 for 30mins. A twizy world cost approx £30 to charge just idiotic.

Council’s and some tourist attractions like national trust have them in some locations. At the moment I just stick to free charges unless I was stuck. With a Twizy though you just need to get any 3 pin.

ie. just ask a Pub or cafe for a charge in exchange buying a meal there. The Twizy usually has enough charge by the time they stop talking to you. :slight_smile:

I always carry an extension lead. This stops the over size Twizy plug not fitting problem, can reach through a window and allows use of charge points that have been ICED.

Any recommendation on a compact 16amp extension, if that is not a stupid statement for a 16amp rated cable. Have one I use for lawn but big cassette reel and 4 sockets rather not carry round.

Glad you got the Twizy home Ian, what a journey!

Who did you see at DSG Morecambe? Great bunch of people.

Just the girls on the desk. Helpful a plenty and got a free set of mats from the manager as another customer didn’t pick them up. Right place right time.

Hahaha, you have me to thank for those free mats, honestly!

The dealership ordered them for me because i needed one of the screw in plugs for the mats as i lost one as they thought you only got them with the mats, later that day i went down and i went into the parts room and we found a load. I didnt have to pay for it but he said the mats were already ordered… one free gift for you sir :grin:

As they say 'round here “what a winner” excellent write up of a brilliant journey.