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Euro Ncap Rating for Twizy

[FONT=Verdana]Euro NCAP has tested four heavy quadricycles in front and side impact to get a picture of the safety of this category of vehicle.[/FONT]

See here for details Videos and Pictures. Came out better than any other Heavy Quad, however that doesn’t mean much.

Thanks to [FONT=Arial]**Christian Dehais **[/FONT]
for finding

I noticed that the seat is too much in front and that they dismounted the doors. It’s not a factory-provided twizy without doors! You can see the open door joints and the mirrors are missing.

It was a question I asked and was told the doors would make little difference. Not sure I agree as they do increase the rigidity length ways and Impact value from the side. The seat being set forward shouldn’t affect the results.

I wonder what condition the Twizy was in. How much work would it take to put it back on the road as was the frame a write-off. The battery appears to be perfectly okay.

The other thing to note is how well an open Twizy came out compared to the enclosed others. People in tin boxes believe they are safer - this tests says not always.

The seat being set forward shouldn’t affect the results.

“The region in front of the driver’s knees contained a lot of hard structures. The dummy recorded high values for knee and femur loading and protection was poor.”
That could have been avoided. The dummy nearly touches the front structure before crashing, so its not surprise that the legs were injured.

Great post-I’ve always wondered how it would do.

Good to see they’ve given them a test differing from motorcycles at last.