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European sales

For a car without side windows, the Renault Twizy sure is selling pretty well. At least, it is in Germany, where **1,000 **units have sold since the car went on sale in the middle of April even though we’re pretty sure it does rain there. The sales are doubly impressive given all the hesitancy about plug-in cars from the German automakers. Throughout Europe, says French website Moteur Nature, Renault has moved around **6,500 **Twizys. The promotional stunts and music videos must be working.

Taken from green.autoblog.com

I can only see this rapidly increasing.

Reaction to my Twizy has been 90% positive with 50% of those being extremely positive!

You do get the odd ignorant sod that hasn’t a clue nor the foresight to see past his souped up ford fiesta, but that’s life.

The lecky haters should like us as we leave more petrol for them. :smiley:


I actually got called a c u next tuesday by a some 18 year old drunk kid in the car next to me last night.

His girlfriend/sister was driving and he had 2 mates in the back seats. I looked over at them and said “Sorry?”, they piped down straight away. The girl was apologising and looked really embarrassed.