EV Research - MBA Project

As part of my MBA project, I am gathering some data from potential customer’s of Electric Vehicles (EV) or people who are interested in technology and will be considering to adopt to a greener mode of transportation. Will you please spare 5 mins of your time to complete the questionnaire for this research study.

Many Thanks for your time and help with this study.

Choosing EV is not always a matter of environment and greener world. It’s a purely economic issue. Simply it’s the cheapest vehicle I can drive right now. (twizy). Unfortunately, nobody sees it from that point of view. I had a Tesla earlier as I was commuting for a longer distance than now. It was the cheapest car I own in total. There I include the operation and value reduction of the vehicle. Even loans are included as cost. And then I had expensive cars and cheap cars traditional way ie small and big simple and luxurious. For example, around 30km of single road, for example, a Tesla becomes very cheap as a total cost. Of course, it is a bit different to the conditions that can be created for themselves and dependence on the country in which they live. But the point is that there is no need for status or green thinking without purely economic aspects in the choice of vehicles.

Agreed, its cheaper for me to buy a new twizy and commute instead of taking the buss!

Yes … the buss is for the unemployed or the poor people … Lol