EVs to get free parking & bus lane access!

If you live in Bristol, London, Milton Keynes or Nottingham, you need to read this!!

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Watch the price of second hand Twizys shoot back up!

That’s a nice thought, just bought mine :slight_smile:

But no mention when it will come to each city. :frowning:
Lets hope they put 3 pin sockets on the lamp posts etc and not these new fangled Type 2 sockets :smile:

Dundee has been selected too!!

Problem is though, there are a good few charging points in Dundee, but not one us compatible with a twizy!! Absolutely disgraceful!

Is there no off the shelf 3-pin socket to Type-2 adapter so Twizers can use the modern charging posts?

Yes there is but it is just over £100 so you need to use it over 50 times to get any benefit.

Hmmm… Food for thought. Any chance of a link please? And at all the charging posts dotted about the country do they have 3-pin outlets too do you know?

This time I’ll let you look. Use the search button in the top right. There are a few suppliers and some on here have purchased one. It has also been mentioned on Speak EV and one of their suppliers supports.

They do appear on Ebay from time to time.

Thanks. I can see a fellow made his own and looks relatively straight forward. What about my second question? Do charging posts usually contain 3 pin also?

Not a simple answer. Some of the older ones did but it is now not usual. Also some of the older ones would still need an adaptor as the Twizy plug is too fat. So a short extension lead was required. I’ve used some ZCW ones in wales that have a 3 pin socket.

As for making one, you are right it is simple and there are diagram and resister sizes on this site. However it was the material costs that stopped me. The type 2 plug is about £80 and a reasonable waterproof socket plus cable was more than some sites provide a ready made one.

Thank you for that. I agree prices for parts look very expansive. I’ll see how I get on when I actually get the car (Looks like Monday now, Booo!) but appreciate the assistance.

Most of the newer asda stores have a 3 pin charging point point, but you need a zap card. None of the ones in Dundee have three pin. Scotland’s secret bunker near St. Andrews has about four, and they are free to use!!

I bought one of the converter cables from a guy on ebay, he does have a website but I can’t seem to find it. He only ever puts one or two on at a time. I have to say its not 100% reliable, for some reason some Elektrobay chargers won’t recognise the car wants a charge so I wouldn’t overly recommend them especially if you are going to depend on it.

At £85 this would seem to be a great solution for Twizy owners to use a charging station


Has anyone purchased or had experience of one of these?? I would be interested to know. I hope to buy a Twizy this year and here in Norwich none of the charging stations, other than the one at the Renault dealer, have 3 pin sockets, as far as I am aware.

Phew! Thanks for this - the other posted on here is a whopping £300. I’ll place an order. Thanks

That’s the one I bought and commented about previously

re-read the post. Okay so you are saying that this is the same one and it sometimes is not recognised by some charging posts?