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Ex Twizy Owners

I have a brand new Renault Zoe which I would never have bought had I not had such a good experience with my Twizy.
I wont be contributing to this forum any longer though as I am now an EX Twizy owner and I think my previous posts have said enough about my enthusiasm for this car.
I know this forum gets read by a lot of Twizy enthusiasts who either own or would like to own a Twizy, and it makes it a great place to really find out about the car.

Unfortunately this forum is also used by people less enthusiastic about the car, who may have sold their Twizy yet continue to moan about Renault or the Twizy. To those people I say leave the forum alone, you have made your voice known, your posts will always be searchable and readable, but its time to move on, as will I.

So long Twothers and Twisters,


Thanks for that. Even when I had mine, you were defensive about any “real life” posts!
I hope you got a good price for yours (was wondering as ended with no bids on ebay-guess a private deal was done) and you enjoy your ZOE.

I’m glad yours was a good experience, my Twizy was good but the Renault experience was not and I hope to be able to assist those with problems; eg how to transfer the battery hire, the video for sticking throttle (published after I sold mine) advice on how to reject a faulty car, how to get a good deal and what to expect when buying and owning a Twizy if your dealer is not interested.

By playing devil’s advocate, it gives some balance to the site, even if it does annoy some. I’ve perhaps saved a few people making a mistake and for that there is no apology- eg those who were told to buy a Twizy while waiting for a ZOE and that they’d be well looked after by Renault when the car was launched…and not offered crap service and a £3000-4000 loss in less than 12 months/2000 miles after Renault caused massive the depreciation themselves.

All points are valid, even if you don’t agree with them. You’ll be safe on the equivalent ZOE site as I’m never going to buy one of them after this Renault experience :wink:

It’s a shame you will not be posting anymore on here, we would love to hear all about the Zoe, as I guess lots of Twizy owners will end up looking at the Zoe as a replacement.

Not me.

i am off to the port sunlight festival today wearing my Renault ZE tshirt I won on Twitter hovering around the renault stand hoping the twizy is there. Then stand around correcting joe public on all their wrong statements. “Apparently you need a substation at home” “they only go 30 mph”

though i I get the feeling the ZOE will be the only ZE there.

Me neither. The Zoe with its higher battery charge is the downer for me - if it remained at £45 I would be moderately interested. That said, Twizy is unusual - the Zoe isn’t, simply a small car with a battery, and hard to imagine the experience is Sony different from an iMev and the rest.

So no change at my garage!

I have to agree with Jmayo… Like every other car forum, I am sorry to say that there are too many moans and groans about the Twizy and Renault. However, there are also those who offer some good advice and experiences. I love my Twizy and Renault - who have been brilliant and always have been over the years. So come on guys - let’s enjoy the Twizy and please stop griping about every little thing. :slight_smile: