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Extended test drive?

So I’ve been lucky enough to land a job in London finally unluckily I lose my 15 minute comute by driving. It’s close to 3k a year for train fair so I am really looking at the twizy hard as nearby is an ncp with chargers. With a season parking and battery hire the twizy is competitive with the train. Although purchase price and insurance will put me over the top, but hey unlike the train I actually get something out of it in the end. My question is if Renault would do me an unattended extended test drive to see if I can hack the distance and the traffic. If it can do the 25 miles in an hour it’s worth every penny, if not I would have to buy a push bike or something lol

Renault Watford let me have one for a full 24hrs. I collected it, took it home (12 miles), charged it fully and then did a test to my office and back with headlights on all the way (25miles) no problem. Carried on riding around and then returned it in the morning.