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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Extra Lights?

Tonight I was driving along a fast A Road which is not that well lit.
I had a car change lane and narrowly missed the Twizy, I’am sure he hadn’t seen me :frowning:
So it got me thinking about the visibility of the Twizy at night.
With the centrally mounted rear lamps, there is a lot of the Twizy that is unseen.
Done a search and you can buy all kinds of Marker Lamps for Trailers (these have both red and white lamps in one unit)


Anyone got any thoughts?
Wonder where the best place would be to fit them on a Twizy?


Would be cool if you could get them to the top of the rear wheel arches without the wires looking messy.

Or we could stick high vis go faster stripes down the side and through the middle??? :biggrin:

I was thinking that this evening. Some ghost image that only appears when light hits it.

I don’t mean an actual ghost!