F*** me £146 for a new Hazard switch

My 12 reg Twizy went in for it’s MOT today, I just got a call to say it’s failed as the hazard switch doesn’t work, replacement cost £146!!!

The parts only a fiver!!!

I have no choice, it needs the MOT, but £146 !!

So check your switches

Doesn’t WD40 work ? If not some proper switch cleaner should unless it is corroded inside in which case take it to bits and clean it

I had no choice as it was an MOT failure.

They reduced it to £60, charged me £15 for fitting and then rest is the part. It’s 14 months old, done less than 100 miles since it’s replacement, and is stored in a centrally heated garage.

So I’m “Discussing” it with Renault.

Watch this space…


Next time go to Banggood. It’s your friend.


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Is there a guide out there on how to replace it?

I’ll buy a couple of spares


yep these are consumables on the twizy , I have to replace each year , cheaper than wd40 :laughing:

Hi Julian.

If you read other sites, the hazard switch seems to be a common fault. In my case, they told me it had failed although I am still sceptical. I raised such a ruckus that they did it for free. In doing the repair (which takes 2mins) they damaged the dash. So they had to pay for that too. Because how often does the hazard light get used? And if they are that vulnerable, then it’s a design fault.

Fight, fight, fight

Quite honestly, there is so little to go wrong and there is no money to be made on the service…well, as I say, I am very sceptical.

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I got mine replaced under warranty the day the warranty was due to expire!! Haha

I had to replace the hazard switch as well. It is easy to do. I removed the left glove box lid, then the screws holding the box to lift it up. You push the switch forward and then replace it by disconnecting it and putting the new one on. Cost was a fiver, 30mins to do the job.