Facebook advert for Scoot (Twizy clone) for $199

Anyone else seen these adverts, know anything about the ‘Scoot’ and confirm this must be a scam?

Scoot is/was a rental company in I think it was San Francisco in USA. If it is not an ad for that company it is a scam :blush:


I believe it is a scam too and reported it to Facebook. However, It does appear that this is a real vehicle - possibly something to do with Toyota. I’m interested to know if these things exist and what the back story is. In the video, there are loads of them driving one behind the other.

Scoot is an electric scooter and bike rental company based in in San Francisco and the Scoot Quad is or was the hire company’s special version of the Nissan badged Twizy variant. In 2015 it cost 80 dollars to hire for a day and was controlled by a phone app, the key start replaced by a rotary switch. I have not been able to find out if they still hire them but the video about them is still on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcmgGBQl_5c

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The one advertised states it goes faster and also goes longer on a charge. I have emailed the advertisers for clarifications. I’ll see if they even answer…

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