Factory workshop manual

Hi, long shot-is there anybody that has workshop manual for twizy?
Im talking about full book of all the wiring harness and so on?

In my humble opinion nobody has the wiring scheme.
Exploded views are findable though. On Youtube you can find everything too.
If you are able to read more languages than one, look on the Swiss, French and/or German boards. They all have their own hot items and smart guys.

In general you will realise in no time Twizy maintenance has more connections to Tupperware parties than to rocket science.

Well… Then there is no other way then to dig by my self in it :slight_smile:
I’ve seen forum of Germans and French, but no luck there, ormaybe I’ve missed it.
Let’s wait till somebody share its from the factory workers :wink:

i found a few technical PDFs on the italian forum that were interesting.Like error codes and other technical diagrams.
cant remeber of wiring diagram but wouldnöt hurt to look:)