Fallout after 12v battery ran down

Apologies if this topic has been visited before…could not find an anser to my problem
Little Twizy’s 12v battery ran out apparently because some kid had switched on her hazard lights
She recovered with a new general charge of the main battery
But now the indicator which shows the hockey stick part of the bar which flashes to indicate that the traction battery is receiving energy seems to have stopped working. Yet the horizontal bit of the bar still works. Will try to attach picture.
I don’t know whether I should be worried…
photo attached I hope, this is what no longer appears

When letting off the throttle do you feel like the car is doing its regen? And it’s only a display problem or is the regen overall not working? Just trying to get a better understanding?

This is why I have windows that lock, it’s a bad design fault that lights and hazard lights can be activated when the twizy is switched off.
Hope you get it sorted.

Happy to report the problem seems to have rectified itself…I ran the main battery down as far as I dared and then after the re-charge everything was hunky-dorey!

Sorry Sophie, I hadn’t looked at who made the post. I would have popped down and seen if I could have been any assistance but you seem to have sorted it yourself. As for the weather today, my Twizy is staying indoors especially as I spent an hour at least cleaning iyt yesterday!