Faulty hazard light switch

How do you remove and replace a faulty hazard light switch on a twizy.

i think: remove (pull) the plastic around the handbrake; push the hazard light switch out from the inside.

If you have the complete replacement unit I usually screw a long self taper screw down the middle of the switch face and then pull on the screw to pull off the cover, then using a small screwdriver and a little force wiggle the rest of the switch out , release the bottom two clips first by pushing towards the body of the switch then same procedure to release the top two clips, there’s enough cable behind to pull the switch away from the dash board , connect the new switch and insert the whole assembly the right way around.

Simple no marks on the dash.

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Thanks for the info. I’ve ordered a new switch and will try the methods suggested when it arrives.
Hopefully a better solution than going to Renault with their inflated prices as mentioned in an earlier post.

Hi did you have to get switch from Renault Dealer or can you order them on line.

Please search first.
Then you find http://forum.evowners.com/t/f-me-146-for-a-new-hazard-switch/2712

I ordered the switch online, cost £6-50. I believe it’s the same one as fitted to the Clio.

£3 from here …