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Feature Requests, vBulletin 5

Twizy owners,

vBulletin are shortly going to be releasing their fifth iteration of the forum software that runs this website. What I want to know is, do you think this site needs to be improved or is it ok the way it is?

I would be interested to hear if anybody has some feature requests or ideas for the site to keep it interesting :slight_smile:

Think its just fine James, could do with a smilee chart though.

Hi James, its probably buried in the settings somewhere but for the tech challenged is there a way I can get email notifications when someone replies to a thread im involved in?


At the top of each thread like this one, toward the right side there is a title and drop down " Thread tools" select subscribe to thread.

Subscribe to this one and I’ll reply so you can see if you get an email. I presume you provided one when you registered.
Also look under your profile and you can see which threads you are subscribed to.

James, nice site, do you mind me asking does it cost much to use vbulletin? My friend uses websitetoolbox to host his sport forum, its free if you allow a banner for adverts, or about £15 a quarter if not, and they host it as well.
Is this more expensive and do you pay it be ause you are just a generous guy, or do Renault support you to run it?

The vbulletin license is about $250 but that’s a lifetime license for that version, although only for one site.

I did it because I’m a generous guy and enjoy little projects like this etc. I absolutely do not get anything from Renault, although perhaps maybe I should seeing as this site has probably contributed to a fair amount of their sales!!!

What about if we all contribute a £1 each - would that cover it based on your membership?

There should be a donate button. We all get something from James hard work.

how many years is the Renault Warranty? I can really see this site taking off when people start needing technical advice on repairs when they go out of Warranty.
I had a Vectrix motorbike, it used to go wrong every week lol, the community websites were invaluable. The problems were mostly with the battery management, I think the twizy will have much less problems.