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Fiat 500e

[size=5]Fiat 500: The electric car will be as tasty as Belgian chocolate[/size]

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/motoring/fiat-500-the-electric-car-will-be-as-tasty-1441419

I would have to agree with the above headline. If this ever launches in the UK, Renault might as well kiss goodbye to their entire ZE range.

Yet another combustion engine design retro fitted for electric.
Probably will sell like hotcakes though.

I’m not so sure, the Fiat 500 has been done to death and the ZOE is much more up to date throughout-if only Renault would market it properly.

It all depends on price-if they will sell it for a £10,000 loss, it may be cheap enough to ruin the ZOE though!

Seen at LA show. Nor for sale in the UK though!

Hey all.,
Can any one tell me here that when will the Fiat 500 will be for sale in Canada?
Waiting for your quick response here,.

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