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Filtering in a twizy?

saw this on youtube. is it legal to filter in a quadracycle? obviously were not in russia.

Good old Russia! Shortly to be seen on the next version of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3-9bcbo2oE !!

I sold a 'bike to buy the Twizy and have almost gone to filter on through a few times before remembering-it would fit!
One downside of the Twizy compared to a 'bike that the police would throw the book at you for doing this-if they could get through the traffic…

I have filtered in the Twizy when I first got it. Wanted to push the boundaries a bit and see what I could get away with. That was until I clipped some guys wing mirror and he got quite angry haha. I figured it was probably too dangerous to filter in a Twizy as it is just too wide, so now I’m just patient and sit in the traffic.

Having said that I’m still a cheeky driver and nip in and out of all the tiny gaps. Love it!

If it fits why not?. I’ve saved loads of time doing this and its no more illegal in a car than a bike surely. Without the windows you have plenty of opportunity to respond to peoples comments but I would advise using the pedestrian warning buzzer in case you come across a jaywalker.

Can you hear the pedestrian buzzer outside the car? Just turn the music up :D.

I went down the bus lane on mine the other day, for a few miles. Figured people will think it might be ok :slight_smile:

Twizy is a quadricycle so if lane allows motorbikes, are we ok to use them?
I would be interested to know!

Any bus lane not marked with motorcycle use on the signs would prohibit motorcycles anyway to the best of my knowledge-but I know there is a trial going on in London for bike use in bus lanes, I think they are marked.

Anyone know the legal answer?

It’s not other people you need to worry about, it’s the cameras picking up your number plate!

Traffic? Congestion? Bus lanes? Cameras? Huh?
What are they? :lol:

The local landowners are trying to drum up support for a by-pass around Leominster (the deal is they have all clubbed together to say they will build and pay for it if they get planning permission for a vast housing development and retail parks on their agricultural land-the “we don’t want any change” locals don’t understand this and fall for their tricks!). Only thing is, that there is no traffic problem other than 20 cars at the main traffic lights once a day and you could avoid that if you were organised. People think an occasional three minute delay in unacceptable as all the other roads are traffic free…

We have 2 ANPR cameras but no traffic enforcement or fixed speed cameras anywhere near us. Lovely Leominster :wink:

No cameras on the bus lanes I used, also no front plate on either.

Thought there was already a bypass?? Goes from the Cadburys factory to the American Diner? Its been a few years since I have been that way so they may not longer trade. :rolleyes:

I miss that drive :’(

The idea is to bypass Bargates and therefore the town with a bypass starting near Morrisons (Safeway as was) running down the West side of town, passing Bengrys car showroom and the industrial estate coming out on the island on the A49 bypass between OK Diner and Caburys (both still going strong).

Ah Yes I know the morrisons, one of the very few with its own petrol station.

Always went the A49 way as used to do Southampton to Wirral and back over weekends, and sometimes stop over at my nans in Leominster.