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Finally got my Twizy Color 45

Was ordered back early in July so it’s been a long wait, after sorting out delivery, registration, insurance (described elsewhere) I picked up my Color 45 yesterday evening and drove it the 43km home - great fun, easy to drive, perfect for my teenage kids to drive :smiley: as here in Italy this is classed as a moped, no number plate on the front. Was accosted by curious bystanders the first time I parked it, and the only drivers who hooted (remember, this is pretty slow, limited to 45kph) were just smiling and giving a thumbs-up to me! Given the usually aggressive shunt and push of Italian driving, everyone was most respectful, even on stretches of road between villages :slight_smile:

Looks good-you will get used to all the attention! Drivers are pretty patient with the Twizy and pass wide when needed in my experience.

Keep us posted with how the family gets on with it-I think we are getting the 45 in the UK at some stage and after having a moped myself at 16 years old, would rather see kids in Twizys than on mopeds!

Happy Twizying!

Simon, looks nice! I think the red/orange is the best colour out of that and the other choices.

Not sure if the Twizy 45 will take off in the UK as can’t imagine anyone wanting to be restricted to 30mph over here!!

I think if Renault could manage a decent campaign for the 45 and could do a fixed price insurance deal, or even a fixed monthly package of HP, battery hire and insurance, it could do well with Parents wanting to sort transport for their kids-especially those with kids at 6th form who they are currently carting about.

If you price the initial basic test that would be mandatory (like the motorbike CBT) and a monthly package against driving lessons, test, car and insurance-it may suit some youngsters Parents to go for a Twizy rather than keep driving them around. In some cases, Parents could avoid moving house if the kids could drive themselves.
A full driving licence and car could come later when insurance prices reduce; the driver could build NCD and then get a better insurance deal when they do pass a car test.

I could sell these by the hundred, but I guess Renault will miss all the above and instead of drumming up a cult following, it will just be seen as a slow Twizy that holds cars up.

Well - would I personally go for the 45 or the more normal “80” (kph)? The latter of course! But this one is for my kids. Or more to the point, so I can avoid double journeys dropping them off and picking them up. I have a 17yr old and 14yr old; and in Italy (and several other countries) you can drive your classic 49cc moped at 14, with a basic theory test, followed within 6 months by a fairly un-failable road test. Kids round here expect mobility, bicycles are pretty limited, roads narrow, weather cold and wet in winter (in the north), buses rubbish… and most teenagers have access to Vespa-type of transport. We had a 20yr old Piaggio Si with no electrics, no indicators, chucking out fumes and black to boot… I was very unhappy with visibility in dark winters. When it got nicked I decided this would fit the bill much better.

I see the biggest obstacle being the lack of moped culture - I don’t think one is going to win over many “real drivers” to a 45, and lots of parents probably think that their 14yr olds shouldn’t be out on a moped, end of story. And let’s face it, laying out over 6 grand to avoid you drive your kids around :redface: well my excuse is I’m going to use it to go to work when I can in the winter (instead of a car). So since the whole family will use it (because it’s a 45), it can make financial sense.

I noted the double journeys-drop off, come back, collect, come back-letting the kids use a 45 there and back is much more sensible!

The law here changes in Jan 2013 for 16 year olds and over to be able to drive a 45, I would think a 45 at 16 for a few years would suit many Parents rather than carting about until they pass their car test long after they are 17 and having to pay £3000 for insurance on a car.

It sounds a lot £6000 plus battery hire, but if you add electric costs and insurance to this, then study what the alternative is (double journeys in a car) and then factor in the 16 year old keeping the Twizy until they are about 20, it starts to add up. Plus, as you say, you have an extra vehicle in the family to reduce your car use and costs further.

If my son was 16 now, I’d be getting one. There is not a moped/scooter culture here, apart from a few clusters in London, but this may be down to the weather as much as anything else. Perhaps a Twizy 45 with windows may change this and create a following…?

Interesting idea costing in for 16 year olds. How much is Moped insurance for 16/17 year olds? Plus a CBT. On a Moped they cannot carry a passenger, is this changing so Twizy 45’s can be used by 16 year olds to take their younger sibling around?

Is the risk here that some people will never take a car test as a Twizy will do, just retake the CBT every 2 years. No need to pass a theory test or proper car test.

I guess the test will differ from the CBT and I would imagine no passengers are allowed-would make sense-many mopeds have dual seats and no passenger is allowed unless you have a full car/bike licence.

Yes-this probably could happen, unless they put a limit like there used to be that you had to pass a test or have a break.
In France you don’t need a licence to drive a 45 or some Aixam/Ligier/Microcars so they are very popular with banned drivers… at least over here you wound need a provisional licence and some testing to drive a 45.

I guess there will be controversy surrounding the launch of the 45 or similar in the UK; it could be a menace on open roads, but used sensibly as a moped alternative it makes a lot of sense.

Now here’s an idea, and one I think my kids would jump at…if they’re still doing Twizy in 6 years’ time! :slight_smile:

  1. Offer Twizy 45 training (CBT) with an approved instructor to 16 year olds.
  2. Offer Twizy 45 for lease on a 3-year and 4-year scheme, with an option to upgrade to a Twizy 80 after they’ve passed their driving test.
  3. Offer an upgrade to Zoe or other Z.E. vehicle when the ‘time is right’.

My kids love the Twizy. At the moment they’re only 9 and 10, but my eldest desperately wants one at 16. I’d rather they drive one of these than a scooter – and I say that as a biker!

Blimey, you should be on the Renault marketing team with ideas like that :slight_smile:

Great idea!

Yup! Exactly. Although We have two 5 seat cars AND a 2 seat Twizy :wink:

Admittedly though, the Prius doesn’t get used all that much. We only keep it because I have an elderly parent, and my wife’s a contractor, so she’s not always within Leafable distances from the house!