Finally ran out of juice :-(

Sorry not had time to post this! But last week I was going to post as it was very cold (-2 indicated) and my journey was on the motorway and quicker than normal as traffic was light.

When I got in for the return journey I was on exactly half battery (normally I am on half plus one bar).
So I poodled home, and for the last three miles was really slow.

The final quarter of a mile is up hill on a country lane and I was doing about 15mph with range on zero.

Managed to get home and as I reversed into the garage I got the three flashing lines and no option for drive / reverse, another 10 yards and I would have come to a stop.

The following day, the weather was due to improve to 6 degrees in the evening, but this didn’t happen and had a similar experience, however about 200yards from home it went. I could not push it and steer so had to pull over.

Was too far to try and run an extension lead and too cold and late to ask a neighbour for help. I did go to B&Q and purchase a 12v cigarette lighter to 3 pin plug, but the Twizy would not take any charge from this, so I had to ring up and get recovered.

At least I could wait at home but was certainly the shortest recovery that the delivery driver had ever done!

I have always wondered what actually happens when you totally run out of juice. Can you elaborate, where do you get the 3 flashing lines? can you only get neutral?

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Where the speed is normally displayed there are three flashing lines.

The D is no longer illuminated as well and it is not possible to select D or R.
The dashboard is still lit as are the lights etc as that must come from the 12V.

When I parked and put the handbrake on I was concerned as its electronic it would not release, but it did, which helped in getting it onto the tow truck.

From the lights flashing to zero forward motion and coming to a stop was about 5 seconds ( I was doing about 15mph at the time), so no real warning, obviously already had the beep go and range down to zero and was fortunate I could pull over where I did. 20 feet before and I would have been blocking the lane.