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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Finally she arrived!

So after a little bit of grief sourcing the first company Twizy ( ended up being a serious waiting game ) she finally arrived last Wednesday. Awesome! I love it - great fun and going to be a great marketing tool for the business!

It’s done exactly what I hoped it would do and stopped me driving my M5 everyday for work and I love the fact that it’s virtually free transport!

Well done Renault for putting the fun back into motoring!

Enjoy! Any pics?

There is one on our FB page - come and join us :wink: - we have the sign writers in on Wednesday to take a look so going for a wrap I think!

Not familiar with FB, but found it-I actually think the silver Urban wheels are the best of the lot-better than the white ones and the alloys.
Post the pics of the finished wrap when done!