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Finding a friend

The forum has been a bitgloomy of late so here is something to brighten things up…I spotted this twin to my Twizy parked outside an old garage, now a restaurant. We parked up to take advantage of the free parking. I hope you appreciate the irony!

I agree!

where has the love gone?

I still love mine and its coming up to a year!

Great picture, my Twizy is still my favourite form of transport, charged it 3 times today .

Still not sean another one I charge mine twice every day and have now done 3k miles since May

I totally agree with you. We have here on the forum a few unfortunate owners who have experienced problems with their Twizy(s) and their Renault dealers and they have been very vocal about it, and rightly so. I would have done the same. But I am certain there are a lot of satisfied and happy owners who are the silent majority. I am one of them, and I think we should all speak up. I LOVE my Twizy and I am very happy I made the decision to buy it. It gives me a lot of pleasure and I really enjoy drivng it, particularly in this beautiful weather.
The way second hand prices are going, I think I might end up owning a fleet of them!! Like I did with the Citroen 2CV. I had 4 of them.

I have always said I would like another one. That would be my modifications project.

Another Cv-er!!
I have had 6 in total, after I sold my Twizy I bought another Bamboo off ebay and sprayed it up-was going to keep it but got flagged down by a woman who wanted to buy it and would not take no for an answer.
I have just won a 1989 Skoda (Estelle) Rapid 136 on ebay-collect it tomorrow. Communist fun!

Really pleased there are Twizyers having a great experience-I might buy back in if prices drop further as I loved driving mine.

Buy in the winter. Prices bound to drop, just like convertibles. Then you can really enjoy the Twizy next spring/summer.

If a base white with doors tempted me at ace money, who knows?

When I said I had 4 2CVs I meant I had them all at the same time. One is missing from the photo, another green and white Dolly. An immaculate example which was in storage. I wished I had kept them now. They are fetching crazy money. The immaculate Dolly was only sold earlier this year before I got the Twizy. I lost my storage space and it was in a sorry state after it had been left outside for over 10 years. I love 2CVs but I am too old now to pamper them.

I’ve had two at a time, twice, but not 4 :lol:

2CVs fetching very strong money now: £1000 minimum for MOT with old chassis, £2000 minimum to MOT with galv chassis, the very best well over 10k now 8-|

I predicted years back that all the basic stuff would rocket in value and they have/are now:
Fiat 126 esp rhd aircool
Fiat old Panda esp v. basic 750 with twin roof, 4x4 and Sisley with twin roof
Fiat Uno esp early Turbo
Skoda Estelle and Rapid (just bought an excellent Rapid)
Lada Riva early round light and later square
Lada Niva
MG Metro
MG Maestro


I am now THOROUGHLY CURED of 2CVs forever after hankering after one for ten years since losing the last one, buying one and remembering all the downfalls of it!
Nearly cured myself of bloody Skodas after today’s fiasco, too.