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Fire Sale

Hi Twizzers

Did I read somewhere on this board that some dealers were offloading their stock for £3500 ?

But a dark influence caused this practice to cease and desist.

So by strange coincidence all the Twizzys for sale on Autotrader are asking about the same price of £5,500

Whats to like about Big Brother?

[size=5]I still want one[/size], but maybe wait till Autumn

IMHO its no good trying to compare a glorified quad bike with a car - is it?

Trying to mass produce an EV saloon car is never going to work cos we dont and never will have enough electrical generating capacity to spare - its a no brainer

but as a green thinking person there is sound justification for a Twizzy in London say or any other congested essentially flat city centre just to keep pollution and traffic down

but how do you keep them charged (overnight) without vandalism. I think you need a simple trolley system to allow you to unhook the batteries (80kgs!) and wheel them indoors for charging (just like an ebike system)

Anyone following those two French guys Twizzing around the Pyrenees?



Removable batteries like in the Biro.
By the way, Robin, Twizy has only got 1 z in it.

Well thanx for the update. So I should call it a Twice-ee then? :wink:

The Biro - gave me a shudder, I got one very similar, but its an enclosed class 3 mobilty scooter (road legal 8mph and that fast enough!)

from Mini Crosser in Denmark. Its cost £ 13,500 new with accessories like a diesel heater and huge pair of 120Ah x 12v batteries weigh 80kgs and good for a 50 mile range (but I got it for £2k on Ebay )

I hated the cabin immediately. Once inside you lost all sense of safety and vision around was very restricted and would mist up constantly. I had several near misses with it, so I took a chain saw and cut the top off, threw the clumsy doors away - imagine getting trapped in that. After that its been very good for its duty. Its extremely well built - no mickey mouse far east rubbish here. I expect 10 years out of it - no lease

I dont go far, just round town a few miles. I wouldnt want to go say 10 miles, cos its very tiring to steer


EU9,200 (£7,300) same as TwiZy? but with SLA’s. 2.6kWh Lion makes it nearer £9,500. 2 x48v rear wheel hub motors. 25 mi range, so realistically expect 12-15mi. Battery weighs 12 kgs, so you really need two of these for sensible use hmm, where did I put that chain saw?


We have a Renault Twizy available

Was £4995 just reduced to £4000 for the weekend

It is a 62 Plate Twizy Colour 1590miles in Black with Doors - owned by us from New.

Call me on 02920 421041 ( Luke McCarthy )

Finance also available and delivery at cost.



Reasonable price. Chance for someone.