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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

First breakdown

Yup…turn the key this morning and nothing. Panel did lite up but went off quickly. I did plugged it on and it did lite up again to say that it still had 48% battery charge left but it switched off very quickly. Curiously the warning lights did turn on very faintly and a couple of minutes went off too. I think it may be the 12 volt batery that discharged completely - weird because i have been using it every day without a problem.
Called Renault and they say it could have been a bug - asked me to plug it in for about 6 hours to see what happens. I will plug it on at night (cheaper power) and i will get back to them and you. Anyone got a similar problem?

Sounds very much like a flat or faulty 12V battery. You could pull that out and charge it out of the car.
The 12V battery can get depleted if something like the lights or Hazard warning lights get turned on by mistake or due to water getting into the switch.

A long charge will top up the 12V provided it is not too low.

yes lots of flat 12V battery in the morning due to water in the hazard light switch.

It did the trick - left it pluged in all night and the next morning it was as good as new. Drove it to work and its fine. Dont think its humidity since I keep mine in a garage (the only car it fits in there) and its been very warm and dry weather over here - Renault said it could have been a bug in electronics that drained the batery.