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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

First day and almost ran out of Power!

Had my Twizy delivered this morning :slight_smile:
Went out and about to show some people the car.
Wanted to go into town so did a quick check on the mileage on Google Maps, worked out to 15 miles…
Had already been out in the Twizy and when I got in the car it was showing 16 miles…
There are some downhill sections so I thought it would go up…
Well did my run into town and started sweating on the way home.
Got about 3 miles from home and the range was showing 3 miles.
The Battery charge was down to 1 Bar.
The car then went into Limp Mode with Top speed down to about 30 mph.
Arrived home with no Bars showing and zero miles available.
plugged the car into charge and the Battery was showing just 4%
Need to get to know the cars quirks a bit better before tackling a similar journey! :smiley:
Apart from that I am loving driving the Twizy, getting loads of questions every time I stop! :slight_smile:


Glad you like it!
Ignore the range and use the bars as the range meter: roughly, each bar is approx 3.5 miles in winter and 4.4 in summer :wink:

I’ve driven a few miles on 0 miles-there is some leeway in mine.

Glad you like your new Twizy it’s brilliant fun and you always get loads of questions some daft some not so daft :slight_smile:
As mender says keep an eye on the bars rather then the range showing.
Have fun and most of all enjoy.

Glad you enjoyed the drive, I still had crazies on the road today holding up traffic and filming me, or hollaring at me through open windows! (I’ve been driving around Southend since November I think! I’m amazed it still draws a crowd.

The Twizy will drop down to about 22mph with foot flat to the floor when driving at ‘0’ range, and absolutely gutless for hills. First beep is at 4 miles with one bar showing (small battery symbol appears), but it will do about a mile on a steady slow run with 0 miles showing. I ran mine out completely, turned it off and left it 5min’s then I had a bit more range (only 100 yards), but then it was gone.

Glad you are enjoying the Twizy, the range will be very poor in this weather also, reckon on about 30 miles for mine . Soon as it goes above freezing the difference is noticeable.