First drive with the windows removed

Lovely morning, not working, tuned the powerbox to high and took the Windows off to have some fun and see what it is like without them

ANSWER - a whole lot of fun

One thing I did notice though, is that the windows appear to have been incorrectly fitted on one side, I take it the bracket is supposed to go under the door and not above it.

Will fix this today.

Unlike pics 2 and 3

I think your bracket was fitted correctly.
Which windows have you got? I have got the Renault ones but I don’t use them now. I find it far better without them. There is less noise and surprisingly less wind buffetting. I supposed the Twizy was designed that way and the windows were an afterthought. I have gone through 2 winters now without the windows and I don’t find that a problem.

Yes i was really surprised by the lack of wind / noise

They should be under the inside of the outer skin not left in mid-air. It’s a simple job to push it back in though.