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First pictures of my Lego Twizy!

I just read an article saying that Renault could abandon the 100% electric cars, so I got back on my son, rather his Legos, and here is the result: a larger than life Lego Twizy !

There are more pictures on my blog http://lifeintwizy.blogspot.com/2013/12/my-twizy-lego-first-exclusive-pictures.html and I am working on a video of its “making of”. What a suspense!

Should put it into production!!

Excellent work: love it :cool:

Have you got a link or a copy of the article?

Yes but sorry it’s in french http://www.voiture-electrique-populaire.fr/actualites/renault-developper-electrique-hybridee

Thanks Christian

In translation, it appears that rather than pulling ZE and concentrating on conventional fuels, they may merge the tech and develop a new hybrid based on the Clio-I guess this would run alongside the current ZE range if launched.

I would be very surprised if Renault was not making losses from ZE at present; this could only be sustained for a short period of time-I was wondering if the time to pull out was now, seeing your post, but it seems not.

I’d be surprised if the Twizy was sustainable (no pun intended!) given its current sales figures, but we’ll see.

I cross fingers but I’m affraid you’re right. I think it’s a short term point of view and that we are going to loose again a lot of time with complicated and expensive mixes of technologies instead of improve the 100% electric car concept. Meanwhile, a single (but he is a genius) guy in USA imagines, developes and sales an electric car all around the world… Find the error !