First Service - Renault Stoke

Hi All,

I need to book my Twizy in for it’s (overdue) first service, has anyone used Holdcroft Renault Hanley (Stoke) before?

The car’s only done 350 miles, but is now a year and a bit old.
I’ve got a major squeak from the left front wind deflector that I want them to remedy and the disk brakes have been catching which I’ve read from your various threads will be an ongoing battle.

Is there anything else I should get them to look at as precaution?


Other things that tend to go wrong :
Hazard warning light switch work intermittently
Doors don’t spring up by themselves.
Both should be sorted under warranty.

Just an FYI, I cant say I’d recommend Stoke for servicing.

Turned up Sat morning to be told that my service wasn’t on their system, no apology, couldn’t care less, is next Saturday good for you?
I wasn’t going anywhere anyway as we had less than 50% battery to get us home. Luckily the workshop manager popped out at the right time and said he could fit me in.

When I came back the things I wanted looked at under warranty weren’t looked at.

I was told i didn’t even need to be in Stoke as Crewe has an EV technician and I could’ve taken it there, regardless what Renault customer services had said on the phone.

Very, very minor thing but do garages not clean a car anymore? Is that a bygone thing now? Also had to give the technician a metal clip that was left on the seat which I’m hoping wasn’t from my car.

Never mind the underlying fact that I had to pay £70 for an “inspection” which was no different to a £30 MOT. Personally it’s not a service if you didn’t actually do anything other than look at it.

Just posting another email off to Renault customer services so they can add to my ever growing folder of complaints.

Exactly the same as my experience with SMC Renault at Aldershot. Completely hopeless and Renault should be ashamed of themselves.

Back in the late 90’s my old man had a laguna for a company car, and had such bad experience of the car breaking down and then having very bad customer service to get it back on the road, he vowed never to use another Renault. It would seem 10+ years on, not a lot (on the dealership side at least) has changed .

Working in the auto industry, specifically in design, I’m finding it harder to believe the Twizy got any further than a full scale clay model.