First thoughts?

I just wanted to get everybody’s first thoughts on the new forum platform.

I realise it is very different to what a lot of you will be used to and may take some adjusting. However, I think some short term pain adjusting will definitely be worth it. This forum will allow for much richer discussions and there are plenty of ways I can customise it to fit the needs of all of you.


For now, you will all have lots of notifications and ‘new’ posts. This is just a symptom of transferring all the data over. You can dismiss all of these for now and once people begin using the site you will see it becomes a lot more helpful to have these notifications.


For those of you that are worried we no longer have a categories list on the front page, all you need to do is click categories in the nav bar to get this view back. Again, once we have more active discussion on the site, I think a lot fo you will start to warm to the Latest view.


Guys, feel free to customise your user profiles. You can now add background images and easily change your profile pics. Uploading and sharing is a lot easier on this site so get creative.


I will be looking for more moderators for the site shortly. Currently @osbrook is our only moderator and he does a good job. The controls will be a lot more straightforward on this site and we should also receive a lot less spam and fake registrations. Please send me a PM if you’d be interested in being a mod.

Other Feedback?

If there is anything in particular you’d like to discuss about the site then please post it in the Meta category and we can discuss each thing in its own topic.

I AM LOST !!! :anguished: :anguished:

@askho what are you looking for?

Sorry James. I am lost as to how to navigate the new format. You know how it is with us old boys, just can’t adapt to changes!!
No worries, I will eventually find my way round.
Thanks for putting all the effort in.

No worries you will get there eventually. If there’s anything you need help with specifically just let me know.

Any changes you’d like, let me know.

P.s you’re already using it fine :wink:

Hi, James.
Still can’t figure out what is the little blue circle with a number in it after a topic is.