First Twizy Speeding Ticket?

So I was driving into London yesterday, and along the A13 there are tons of speed cameras, some of them barely noticeable in the tunnels at all. Unfortunately I got caught going about 46mph in a 40mph in my Twizy.

I was annoyed with myself at the time. But another part of me is amused that I may be the first person to be caught speeding in a Twizy :stuck_out_tongue:

Erh Well done!

When I had a big v6 24valve car, I only got caught speeding on a restricted 125cc motor bike

Sorry about the ticket.


Well done. Ive only managed a parking ticket so far.

Unlucky, I was laughing at the prospect , don’t think you could get a parking ticket around here. Not like London here in Derbyshire.
I was asked to remove the car from Tesco car park (I work opposite) the other day because of the advertising :duh:
Bit harsh I thought :slight_smile:

You’ll all be glad to know that the ticket never arrived! Thank god. Certainly learnt my lesson though. :slight_smile:

If you were at 46 in a 40, I’m pretty sure you’d be fine.

Car speedos generally underread by 10 percent, and speeding tickets normally only go to folks at 10 percent over…

So if your car said 46, you were probably in reality only doing 41…

Although, it must be said, that doesn’t mean I drive any faster than the posted limit when I’m in any car. As a motoring writer I’m paranoid about keeping my licence. It’s been clean from day one, and i’d like it to stay that way.

(That doesn’t mean I don’t drive fast on tracks… because I do :rolleyes:

isn’t 46 more than 10% of 40?

My Twizy Speedo is a lot more accurate than most cars. At 52 (flat out) I’m told I’m doing nearly 60mph. Often find my 30 is too fast for the cars in front going through speed camera areas.

Some cameras round here are set for spot on the 10% so a lot of people get caught entering a 30MPH zone.

Just be carfeul that’s all.


Maybe the Twizy is more accurately callibrated. I’ve noticed that 30 mph seems like 30 mph, but hadn’t really bothered checking with GPS.

Maybe that’s a task for this afternoon! :slight_smile:

And yes, going by the 10 percent rule is dangerous. I was using it to try and explain away the lack of ticket :wink:

Lol it happens to me a lot, I don’t just get it how hard i try sometimes i get tickets for over speeding. Well most importantly if we see how something work for us is the way to let us get batter at the lacking that occurs so that is the reason behind it which should be done this way.