First Twizy Speeding Ticket?

I was travelling home tonight in the Twizy when I drove into the Village where I live.
Thinking about what to have for dinner etc when I noticed a Police ‘Safety’ Camera Van, Glanced down at the Speedo and I was doing 47mph in a 40mph Limit. Dam!:frowning:
I could kick myself, I am usually so careful about excessive speeding and living on a main road it is one of my pet hates. It’s a fair cop…
So I need to wait a maximum of 14 days to see if I get a Ticket
If I get a ticket it will be my first Fine / points in 35 years :frowning:


You may possibly be ok, as my Twizy speedo over-read by 2-3mph at this speed and the allowance varies from one safety partnership to the next.
If you were actually doing 44mph and they allow 10% you may be ok!

Further, there is a debate that cars with plastic fronts don’t give a solid reflection to the beams - however if wholly photographic, that doesn’t apply. My fingers are crossed for you!

Round here they know speedo’s are out by 10% and so 44 means you knew you were over the limit - Fined. But I hope Normsthename are lucky.

The speed that you were doing in most areas is ok to avoid points, in most counties you can take a speed awareness course, it’s about 20 pounds more than the points fine. Demand it if you get a letter.

Tell them the throttle stuck !:rolleyes:


You’re late. I already received my first Twizy speeding ticket a while ago. :slight_smile:
I drove at Twizy’s max speed (83-84 km/h or 51-52 mph) at a road where the speed limit is 70 km/h (about 43 mph).
Due to the over-reading and the allowance of 6 km/h (standard allowance in whole of Belgium, if you wanted to visit sometimes.), I had to pay 50 euro. Lesson learned.

I think this is a unique experience you have get. though you have to pay some fine as well but on every step of life. we learn different thing. and obeying traffic rules is good. as you get your first fine ticket in 35 year.

never good getting a speeding ticket…I am sure the world is a much safer place now he has his speeding fine…NOT.

Its been 4 weeks now so I think that I got away with it! :slight_smile:


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