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First two months and 500 miles

Hi everyone.

I purchased a 7 months old ex demo Colour Twizy from my local dealer two months ago. It had 500 miles on the clock and I have added another 500 miles since.
Most of my trips have been solo in Devon lanes where the Twizy’s speed restriction is no handicap at all. Its hill climbing abilities exceeded my expectations.
At first the ride was very hard until, (like others on here) I found out that Renault had over-inflated the rear tyres.

I fitted front wheel mudflaps which are a great help. I also purchased the Renault windows which are OK but will be happy to remove them when the weather improves.

I thought I would feel intimidated driving such a small vehicle but in reality it isn’t an issue.

Finding the “ignition” key hole in the dark can be a problem but I have solved that with an LED camping light stuck to the underside of the roof with blu-tac, although long term, velcro patches will be better as the blu-tac lets go when the sun shines!

I bought a cheap one piece motorcycle suit from Lidl (£12.99) which is great to wear over other clothes on cold/wet days.

A 55 litre soft plastic muck trug from Mole Valley Farmers fits perfectly on the back seat and accommodates a large amount of shopping (or tools) and is held in place by the back of the front seat with no need to anchor in place like the Renault rucksack.
A 80/90 litre plastic dustbin will also sit nicely on the back seat and has the added advantage (if it has a fitting lid with hold downs) of keeping things dry but the trug is easier to load and unload.

I have no regrets over my Twizy purchase and I’m grateful to the other contributors on here for their constructive observations and tales.

Happy Twizy-ing

Welcome, glad you found the site useful.
Many thanks for your posting, It’s nice to find out what others are doing and found that fit.

Interesting that the Renault Dealers have not checked the Tyre pressures on the Twizys. It was mentioned to them. I would have expected a tyre pressure as part of the PI checks done before selling. They could be send cars out in dangerous conditions.

Like yourself I have also bought an ex demo Technic with 1600 miles just over a month ago. Since then I have clocked up about 600 miles. I used it just to run local errands and I use it virtually everyday. Despite the horrible weather since I got it I have still enjoyed driving it a lot. And now with better weather I am going to enjoy it even more.
I have done a couple of things which might be of interest to you. I find having to unzip the window everytime to get at the handle is a real nuisance and I get this feeling the zip won’t last, so I devised a solution as shown in the photos. The little football is just a cheap door knob I got from B&Q. You can choose something more discreet. It works very well, I just pull at it and open the door as usual.
The last photo shows my “storage system”. The 2 things at the side of the seat are magazine racks I got from Ikea, dirt cheap. They fit perfectly at the side and I have secured them down by screwing them down through the hole in the middle of the rubber grommet which holds the rubber mats down, so no damage done whatsoever to the car. I always travel solo so no one is going to use the back seat.
Please share some of your ideas and useful tips.

Dear Askho

I do like your method of releasing the door catch without unzipping the window and will definitely copy your idea. I do sometimes take a passenger or better still get someone else to drive whilst I travel in the back so need to keep the floor clear where you have fixed the magazine racks but nevertheless its a great idea.