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First week (and a bit) with my new TwizyWindows! - A Review

So its been a week and a bit since i received my windows from TwizyWindows.co.uk and they are brilliant! They really reduce the wind coming into the cabin, so much that i can wear my thinner pair of gloves and feel the breeze coming through the gaps in the bottom of the doors :razz:. Plus its also got a massive thumbs up from my girlfriend when she is sitting in the back seat she says her hands dont go numb anymore. I havent had the chance to test them in the rain but they kept the snow out of my face as well. The windows are easy to open and close once you get used to undoing the velcro and the tabs are hard enough to open to make me feel a lot safer leaving the Twizy parked up in the street than without them.

There was one problem however, the velcro that was supplied with the windows (to stick them to the roof of the Twizy stopping them from flapping around in the wind) was very poor and almost all of the adhesive glue had dried up so they just kept on coming unstuck. I ended up buying a roll of velcro tape from Halfords to replace the supplied velcro and its worked great! i even stuck a couple more strips on the roof to give them extra grip.

So in review, good stuff, they do all they claimed they keep me warm and more secure and even reduce traffic noise enough for me to listen to music! Just some dodgey velcro let it down a bit but overall 9 out of 10 so far :).

feel the breeze coming through the gaps in the bottom of the doors

I have the Full rigid French Windows fitted that seals the whole window area up.
Its amazing how many other draughts you feel with the windows sealed :smiley:
like you said the worse offender is the gaps in the bottom of the clear Perspex joint to door.
I am going to get some Rubber trim and try to reduce the gaps :slight_smile:


Yeah i didnt even notice those gaps until i got the windows, ah nice one let me know how it goes with the rubber trims :slight_smile: hopefully it could be the cure to my chilly knees!

hopefully it could be the cure to my chilly knees!

Yesterday it was blowing a Gale when I got into my Twizy.
The wind was hitting the car side on when I was parked up and I could really feel the wind blowing inside the car with the Windows shut!
On further examination I could feel the wind blowing thru’ the actual Door joint at the Bottom of the doors.
I don’t think that there is any seal between the door and frame so not sure if anything could be done about that Gap :frowning:


Hi, I just read the review and thanks for that. I was concerned though to read bout the velcro problem! Was it the hooks disc, the loops disc or the strap on the actual window that caused the problem? Happy to replace them for you ( though sounds like you have already sorted it directly ) as I havent had that problem reported before ( will be good to know so I can make sure the problem isn’t repeated. Glad to hear your finding Twizy’ing a bit warmer and dryer now, Mine still havent been off since September last year with this ongoing freezing weather! Regards Andy

Hello, ah it was the Velcro hook strips that were meant to go just behind the Twizys wind deflectors and help hold the windows closed, the discs and window edges were fine. Nah its no problem i needed to get some velcro tape anyway and they are sorted now. Yeah they really make the difference (and have gotten great reviews from my girlfriend) hopefully it will get nice enough to warrent taking them off at some point but it doesnt look like it will be any time soon.