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First weekend with my new Twizy

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m happy to say that after a nerve wracking wait to see if my finance had cleared I went to pick up my Twizy from the dealer on Thursday last week and since then me and my Twizy have been on all kinds of adventures and I have to say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! First of all it was a trip to Halfords to get a Bike Hut rain cover and some P Plates (The rain cover has been invaluable so far keeping the rain off at night and nosy people out during the day) then straight off to my dads house for a family meal, my little brothers and sister loved it and kept on saying how cool my new car was :D. Then a drive back home in the dark and the next day my first commute to work where I accidentally got to test my Twizy on the motorway (I took the wrong exit at a roundabout and ended up on the M60!). Then over the weekend I visited my brother and girlfriend in south Manchester and I even managed to cram me, my girlfriend and 7 bags of shopping into my Twizy for a 15 mile trip across Manchester from her house back to mine (even with bags piled on her knee she said that she enjoyed the ride even if it was a little cold).

Of course it rained for the first few days that I had my Twizy so I was a little damp and very cold but I’m buying some windows from TwizyWindows to alleviate those problems but cold hands and a little bit of dampness don’t take anything away from the great experience that I’ve had so far and I’m really pleased that I had the courage to do something different and buy this crazy little machine.

Just thought id share my experience with you all so far :).

Excellent. Glad you enjoyed and found it practical as well.

You can’t beat the reaction to the Twizy and how practical it can be… We’re promised some sun soon but as a fellow Lancastrian I understand your concerns about the rain in Manchester!

Yeah the reactions have been great ive had a few chats with other motorists at traffic lights and people in supermarket car parks and the Twizy is far mor practical than i thought it would be. Yeah the Manchester rain is a bit of a worry but my windows should be arriving next week so i think ill be fine to hold out til then :).

Rain is rain.

I have driven now for 2 days with the Renault Windows. I much prefer to be without them.

Anyway glad you are enjoying your car, I have been waiting for someone nearer to get one.

The more Twizys on the road the better.

If your free on Thursday pop over to Liverpool for this.


True true, I don’t really mind about the rain so much to be honest it’s more for my girlfriends benefit really plus the windows should deter casual passers by from having too much of a nosey if I park it in the street. Yeah definitely the more of us there are the better! Ah that looks like it would have been brilliant, Robert Lwellyn is great! It’s a shame I couldn’t make it but I’ve been busy tonight, thanks for the invite though anyway!

So pleased you are enjoying your new Twizy. Like you, I am still excited and look forward to every journey even if it is to work! I held out on fitting the windows for just over a week and then a blizzard set in and sitting at the lights with snow blowing through one side and out the other forced me to capitulate. I must admit I prefer it without the windows but this morning it is snowing yet again and the wind is vicious. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever drive my Twizy in sunshine?

The comments from passers by and other motorists really make my day. It really is the most sociable car ever.

Thank you :), yeah its still great fun pootling around although the snow wasnt very fun yesterday and made me wish that my windows had arrived a little earlier (eta Tuesday!). I think for weather like this and maybe very heavy rain windows would be essential for me but otherwise i dont really mind, I think it would make it a lot more enjoyable for passengers though and people who are used to being in normal cars. Haha im sure we will get some sunshine this year, i really hope so anyway! I cant ewait to drive around in the sun with now windows :). Ive just had really bad luck in that in the week since i got my Twizy its rained pretty much constanly and then snowed!

Yeah its great getting to chat to people at traffic lights and hearing nice comments from people.

An interesting phenomenon with the official Twizy windows this morning. The zips were frozen solid in this freezing weather, so couldn’t unzip them to get in!! A little bit of hot water sorted the problem out. But what happens if I can’t get hold of any?? Will I be “locked” out of my car??

I can just about get my arm in between the window and the mechanism!

Last night though, it was so cold out that the water froze instantly on the windscreen!