Fitting hubcaps (wheel covers)

Has anybody tried taking off the Renault hubcaps (the white ones that look like 6 hexagons around the Renault logo, not the alloy options) to try fitting aftermarket alternatives?

Spotted these online, but would have no idea where to start regarding taking them off and swapping them over. Could anyone out there shed any light? Usually you would change hubcaps by unscrewing the lug nuts, but the Twizy doesn’t seem to have any lug nuts visible. Thanks in advance for any suggestions :wink: :car:

The standard wheel is pressed steel.
The Renault white trims just push in and are retained by wire springs.
I can’t see why an Aftermarket wheel trim would not fit.
I do hate the standard white Renault wheel trims and I like the look of those wheel trims, I might be tempted :smile:


As @Normsthename says the white snow flakes are just pushed on / pulled off. Stick your fingers in the holes and pull evenly all the way round. They can be a bit tight.

Those do look good.

Thanks for the replies Andy / Osbrook.

I was about to order them, but thought I might as well check I can get the ‘snowflake’ hubcaps off first. Alas, it’s obviously not meant to be. I’ve pulled evenly from the centre with as much force as I dare, but I feel like with more gusto they will just snap, the plastic seems to be weak.

Is there any trick to taking them off? Squeezing in a certain spot, or somehow releasing the wire springs you mentioned Andy? Have either of you pulled yours off in reality (i.e. 100% sure that there isn’t a release mechanism) or are you just going off something you read? Cheers. If I can get the damn things off, I’ll order these aftermarket hubcaps and report back as to whether they look the part / stand the test of time.

I think that you need to pull them from the outer rim more than the centre.
I know they come off because I have had my wheels balanced and saw the mechanic take them off.
They didn’t seem that difficult to do…
I will have a go on my Twizy tomorrow because I might get those trims!


@Normsthename Exactly the same here had new tyres and they just pulled them off from the outside where the metal ring is.

Coincidentally I have also been looking at these exact hubcaps in the event that I buy an Urban and want to swap out the originals… Agree with others, a decent pull at the outer edge should see them coming off just like normal hubcaps - not tried on a Twizy admittedly (yet) but they should just pull off.

Thanks again for the feedback folks. I’ve given up - the hubcaps have won, for now.
I tried pulling each one from its outer edge, just behind the white plastic lip, but none showed any trace of movement. I’m beginning to think the previous owner glued them in place or something, absurd as that is.

I noticed the two front wheels each have one metal bracket next to them. Pic here:
Do your Twizys also have this? Perhaps if they don’t, it means my wheels have some sort of modded kit on them and the mystery is solved.

Andy, I’d be grateful if you could let me know if you manage to get yours off. Really disappointed not to be able to upgrade my ‘rims’. Cheers.

@barneyr That is not a clips it is a wheel balancing weight. Have a look at any car around and they all have them or various sizes. Tyre’s are not even ly balanced and need to be off set with the small weights.

The wheel trims are on very tight it is not a pulling action more of a sudden sharp tug. Put your fingers in a couple of the hole (two hands) and yank. It is the sudden force that makes them come off. Once you have done it once it is easier on all the other wheels.

It’s the same process on all car wheel trims. UNLESS they have been cable tied on. This will be very obvious as through one of the holes will be an electrical cable tie (narrow plastic strip). But I don’t think that works on the Twizy.

Another method would be to use a wide blade screwdriver and carefully lever them off.
The fact that the wheel has balance weights fitted shows that the trims have been off before because Renault don’t fit weights on new Twizys.
I will have a go at my trims tomorrow :slight_smile:


Just fitted my new wheeltrims this morning. Look good. Front ones sit about 2mm proud of the wheel rims though. Might have to shave a mickey whisper off the lugs.

By the way, just stick two fingers in the outer edges of 2 of the holes and pull hard. I have an unfair advantage as I’m not a small chap!!

They look great! Amazing what a difference a set of hubcaps can make!!! Great transformation!!!

They look very smart!
Where did you get them from?



Got them from eBay. £26 delivered. Just type in black wheeltrims, 13"

Am I the only person that likes the Renault Trims? I almost prefer them to the alloys!

I like the snowflake trims but only the white ones.

I’ve took the plunge and ordered the Renault Wheel Trims that Barneyr posted.the Link to.
Will post pictures once they are fitted :smile:

The large screwdriver technique was the method I used when removing mine, again with no problem.