Fitting Panoramic Roof & Clio Cup 3 Sports Steering Wheel

Finally on the home run. Martin spent a good 5 hours fitting my new Renault panoramic roof, Renault Clio Cup 3 steering wheel and a few adjustments to other bits too.

Pleased with the results. What do you think? If anyone wants an orange roof cheap by the way…!

Roof removed with a sharp bendy blade. Took 40 minutes. Mind your fingers!

If only the UK was dry and warm. Alas not - so get the roof on quick!

Removing all the excess rubber from the factory install of the original roof was a pain and again took a further 30 minutes at least.

The replacement Renault Twizy Panoramic Roof was only manufactured in October last year!

And was extremely well packed.

Bonding activator being applied around the circumference of the roof.

Tube of windscreen glue all ready to apply. The nozzle had to be cut down as the height after application wasn’t deep enough to protrude above the ring that the new roof sits in. Very important to get this right.

Just preparing for mounting new roof. Yep, another of my garage toys! The mods to the MX5 are even longer than the Twizy :slight_smile:

Surface all cleaned with Contact Cleaner and bonding applicator applied here to. Have to wait 10 minutes. Time for a brew.

That isn’t liquorish, just a long tube and a half of windscreen mount glue. Don’t even think about getting it on your clothes.

The Twizy plastic body parts storage system…

Where did those straps go?.

Roof positioned and mounted, held down gently with straps. Make sure you leave enough room at the front to place back the edging strip between the new roof and the top of the windscreen. We did have a slightly “urgent” moment but recovered!

Martin trimming off the excess glue. All good so far.

New steering wheel looks good. Don’t try this at home though. What a lot of re-profiling of cast- alloy and plastics to get that fitted, including a trip to an engineering shop to get modified too.

At last! An hour later, all plastic parts back on and looking good.

No wonder people always want to have a go in a Twizy!

Anyone for an Orange Roof Panel?

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That looks great! Good job

Looks great, I think everyone needs a Martin on hand!!:grinning:

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Great job. Somebody should try and create a convertable Twizy. That would be amazing. Maybe something Martin could try? :slight_smile:

Actually it would be quite simple provided the actual roof doesn’t add the structural rigidity of the Twizy itself. Not being an automotive engineer I can’t really comment.

Martin is available for all the work that you see on my Twizy. Call him on 07846 123800.

haha another brilliant post - I love your Orange Twizy parts storage system :joy:

Does the steering wheel buttons do anything? IIRC you have the remote doors fitted, or is that for down the line?

I always thought it could do with a better steering wheel, but the fitting is a real pain then?

Fitting the wheel was a real pain actually and we didn’t like having to mess about with it’s structure.

Martin has told me that he can in fact get the standard Twizy wheel re-fitted with padded gorgeous looking leather so I may give him my old one and get it covered in black and orange leather. That should do it! Cost is around £150 though but Mart wouldn’t have to spend an hour re-profiling the Clio one.

Buttons do nowt. Alex is the brains on that - but the horn switches that are in the Clio wheel still can’t work because the Twizy air-bag has no lateral movement when mounted inside the boss. Still looks good and much nicer to hold.

Best thing is that panoranic roof. Its so lovely and bright inside the cabin now. That was worth the money and effort.

Lovely work!!

How was the steering fitting with the complex airbag fit?

A pain in the AxxxSE!!! Lots of cutting with Drimel tools and shaping. The end result is very nice but wish the buttons actually did something. Didn’t try because I didn’t want to risk messing up the Cam Bus.

i know i know…

for the buttons to work you need the renault laguna switches assembly. i have bought it and will let you know if its worth installing

very nice, great roof setup there

Thank you Sam. Well worth the effort.

Did you get the Laguna switch assembly working Alex?

I bought the assembly but I haven’t had the time to try it yet.

I’ve got my buttons to work in my Twizy :slight_smile:


And the wiring info is where?

PB2 has a remote control fob that @kennethnilsen69 has used. So effectively the steering wheel buttons operate the buttons on the PB2 key Fob.

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Unfortunately, I have not had time to make a guide on how to connect this yet. See if I have time one day :slight_smile:

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No problem Kenneth, I’d rather you kept updating the PB as indeed you do!

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Do you have the part number and cost for the roof at all?