Fitting Speakers in a Cargo

Does anyone have experience fitting speakers in a Cargo?

The screws to access the speaker bar and hidden by the Cargo’s plastic luggage box. There is a small indent in the plastic of the box, in about the position i would expect to see the screw head, which was covered with a fabric tape. I have removed the tape hoping that this would reveal the screw head. It did not.

Anyone have any ideas.


You are right. Those are the spots. And yes behind the fabric (felt) tape, in the indents you’ll find the screw heads. Perhaps some mm down, left, right. So try again, you’ll find them. And yes you need to loosen them in order to remove the speaker bar.

If I remember correctly I could see from the cabin where the screw is located in regard to the indent. But my memory is not so trustworthy the last years…

Seriously, how am I so sure?

Because I searched them on my Cargo. And found them :slight_smile:

If you need new felt tape I have metres of it left. Greyish. So I spray painted it black.

Thanks for the help, This is just the help I needed. I will keep you posted.