Fitting the Renault Bluetooth kit

I finally got the kit yesterday , so thought I would do a new thread. It may take me a while to get it all here.
The kit has instruction, but they are very basic.I am sure you boffins could figure this job out, but it is not simple, I would recommend a pro doing it for you.If I did the job again, I could get it done in about 1.5 hrs I guess, but you should allow 2 or even 3 hrs. I hope this helps someone do the job themselves, and save yourself well over £100
This is the part number, took me a while to find this from my Renault dealer

This is what the kits contains

I fitted the roof speakers first, this is straight forward enough, just pull off the housing once you have removed the two Torx screws, these face the rear of the cabin.
Be carefully removing the panel, especially in cold condition, as plastic is brittle, although the Twizy stuff is quite flexible.

The wires are all in the roof ready, so you fit the carriers (steel)
TAKE GREAT CARE THOUGH ! Each carrier is held by 3 screws, and the one that goes upwards towards the roof is SHORTER !!!
Goodness knows why they have done this as the other two screws are way too long anyway, why they didn’t just use 3 shorter screws.
All the screw bags

Steel carrier fitting

Both in place with the speakers

That’s the easy bit done :slight_smile: now for the dashboard part.
This involves removing the left hand dash box. This is much more tricky than the instructions show. You have to take the lid off the box to remove the rear most Torx 30 screws. The lid is held on with two pegs, and you need to squeeze them with long nose pliers, trouble is, once the clips go into the lid hole, they open up again and won’t come out. Took me at least 10 mins to get mine off, and broke one of the pegs.
As far asbI can see you need to get this lid off and box out to change the headlamp bulbs, so it is going to be a required skill.
Hopefully Renault will sell new pegs.

This is the peg I got out, the other one is now minus the little sticky out bits:(

You need a ratchet with a Torx 30 bit to remove the bolts near the screen, due to the rake of the screen.

It doesn’t say in the instructions, but you need to release the DL 16 diagnostic socket and also get the wire off the 12V power socket, neither that easy, do not pull too hard as you could damage both plugs. This pic shows the clip you need to push in on the Diag socket, then it goes down through the box cut out

This is what you,will see, a large fuse carrier, headlamp backing at the top of the pic, and the door gas strut on the left (if you have doors).

Look around for the wires, they are taped to the harness, and easy to see

The Parrot box simply plugs into,the two connectors, there is loads of wiring, and it looks a mess tbh, once it is all plugged in you can tape it all together to keep,it looking tidy, this takes a while, I hate messy wiring, but managed to sort it all out.
The pic shows the microphone and the display unit plugged in already, I will show the fitting of these next.

The Parrot box will stick to,the steel chassis on the right of the opening, it comes with adhesive pads.
Make sure you wires are clear of the handbrake mechanism, which obviously moves and could trap a carelessly fitted harness.
I fitted the microphone like this, other options are possible I guess, I drilled a 3 mm hole in the panel for the screw

Before fitting the display you click it into,the two casing halves, easily done


The next bit is quite tricky, offer the unit into,the corner of the roof, so,that you get a feel,for where you,want it to sit.
clean the roof area with a spirit, to get the adhesive pads to stick. Fit the little bracket into,the pod, and offer it up to,the roof again, the pads should stick the bracket to,the roof, and when you gently remove the pod, it will leave the bracket in position (hopefully. :slight_smile: )

Once you have the bracket stuck to the roof, drill the 3 fixing holes VERY CAREFULLY ! With a 3 mm drill, and secure with 3 Torx 10 screws
then clip up the pod and fasten with the two TINY Torx 7screws, the instructions recommend drilling these witha 2 mm drill, I didn’t need to.
Then simply poke the wires into,the a pillar moulding, plug into,the Parrot box and refit all your bits and bobs back together.
I have fitted the control onto the steering wheel for now, but may move it later.

I have to say, that the kit is fabulous, I havnt driven with it in yet, but the whole thing works seamlessly, and looks very futuristic, in keeping with the car.
, I love it :slight_smile:

Sorry this last pic is rubbish, and the pod is not white as it appears here


Many thanks for doing these tutorials. It will help members greatly. Or get you more business.

I’m thinking about adding 2 Tweeters in the front (Twizy Tweeters :-). This to get more front sound than is the case now…
Here some cheap ones for sale:
Does the Parrot has connections for extra speakers or should I add them in parallel?

Hope this is not a stupid question, but was the speaker cable already there? Are thye or do they appear to be powered by an amp?

Also do you or can you unplug the 12v socket when pulling out the glove box.

Is the 12v socket always live, or only when the car is running?

@Bassflex, the Twizy is indeed pre-wired with speaker cables going form under the glove box to the roof.
You only have an amp when you install one, e.g. the Parrot kit.
I don’t know if the 12V socket is always powered, should be easy to test that.

From the Parrot manual I understand that 4 speakers are supported.

I have ordered the mentioned tweeters today. They will arrive in 20 days, I will post some pictures of the result later.

can you buy the Steel carrier seperat? item number?

could you tell me - please - where you have put the Parrot receiver? (I mean the blue case with all cables). Thank you :slight_smile:

It does say in my instructions, I stuck mine with the self adhesive pads to the steel structure on the right of the opening under the left glove box. You just neede to be sure it doesnt interfere with the handbrake mechanism or cables.

In my Twizy the blue box sits in front of the left glove box, its not fixed to anything. Front is where you see the headlights back.

ok, thank you :slight_smile:

I had Renault fit this for me as i am a coward around wiring lol. I love it it works brilliantly phone and music of my i-pod. Thank you for sharing the pictures as well always good to get a look behind the scenes at times and to no your car a little better me thinks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi, I am in the process of trying to remove the locking glove box. I have the lid off, removed the 4 screws, and piped the 2 holding clips but still I cannot pull it out. Something is holding it in.

what have I missed? I have shouted all the curse words I know pulling it, to no avail. I am worried I an either going to break it or put my hands through the window.

I never removed that one, so cant help I am afraid :frowning:

the box on the right also has a screw on the bottom, under the dashboard