Fleet of Twizys (And a Zoe)

A friend of mine was in Germany over the weekend and managed to snap this photo of a fleet of Twizys and a Zoe. It must have been a meetup of some kind. Can anyone shed any light?

That’s got to be a record to beat!!!

Your friend was in Leipzig?

The members of the german Twizy board love to drive hundreds of miles with their Twizys to meet each other or to express the need for more electification of transport in general. From all over Germany members have driven for days to meet in Leipzig last weekend. http://www.vectrix-forum.de/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&catid=78&id=81546&Itemid=80&limitstart=260

In the summer there is a Nationwide Twizy meeting in Cologne. I drive to it from the top of the Netherlands. It’ll take me two days.
I think it would be termendous if a British party would be present too! If interested people from the german forum will explain how to reach a 250-300km distance per day. Dunkerke - Cologne is 350 km! Come on folks, Let’s meet in Cologne :smiley:

Hello Guys!
Greetings from Germany, that bunch where the half of my team at the lipsia-e-motion in Leipzig…we were about 30 Twizys there and won the Pot for the biggest team! Would be hard to beat :smile:! Last Year at the General Meeting we got about 77 Twizys in Hannover and this year we expect to crack the hundred in Cologne!We would be very proud if some crazy Twizyguys from Britain will come and share with us some good time!We also have Louis Palmer there which rounded the World with his solartaxi full electric and much other stuff! Please look at our website at www.bundestwizytreffen.de (got an englisch registration there) ore contact me at facebook otto schönbach ore bundestwizytreffen ! e-mail is [email protected]

I’d love to get my Twizy up to cologne on August;))
My relatives are not far from there…,

But really, cologne is a beatyfull city and Otto organizes a hell of a show.

If only I lived in the Northern Europe…

Look at this :wink:


Awesome video Otto!!
What’s that vehicle with the buggy like wheels?

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