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Fluence discontinued?

Just thought I’d check out the Fluence ZE (as a better specced Zoe) only to find no dealers prepared to offer it or indeed a test drive, based on the Renault website. Is it the same for you?

Who, in their right mind, would want a Fluence !!!???

They work well as taxis in parts Holland as they have a bank of batteries and they just call in and swap them over in minutes and keep going.

In fairness, the UK does not like saloons, but in other markets they are ok. I don’t find them offensive, just bland and not suited to UK tastes.

£8k seems cheap for 12 month old/2000 mile car +BH, so question yourself-at this price it’s not far off the new price of a Twizy Technic with doors and audio-which is the more capable vehicle?

Same folk that buy the Leaf? That said, RCI Finance would just hate you swapping their batteries!

A few on Autotrader

Who, in their right mind, would want a Fluence !!!???

I would love one!
Just need to take my driving test so I can swap the Twizy for one :smiley:


I was meaning from Renault - just try and book a test drive on the ZE website. I’m told none is available in my area. Doesn’t bode well.

What license do you drive the Twizy on Andy? Just curious! :slight_smile:

What license do you drive the Twizy on Andy? Just curious!

I drive it on a B1 Licence which was given to Motorcyclists upto 2001, after that they stopped issuing it.
Before the Twizy I had Microcars that are Quadricycles like the Twizy.
Prior to that I drove a Reliant Kitten which is the four wheeled version of the Famous Reliant Robin :lol:
As daft as the Law is I can actually drive any 4 wheeled car, power unlimited as long as the unladen weight does not exceed 550kg.
So I can legally drive an Ariel Atom :smiley:


That’s cool, and well worth knowing! I like the kitten, what does it handle like?

I like the kitten, what does it handle like?

They handle a lot better than there 3 wheel cousin!
Seen a nice one up for sale on EBay over the weekend, it had a Yamaha R1 1000cc Bike Engine fitted :slight_smile:
160Bhp at the back wheels and less than 500kg in weight! :smiley:
All the mechanics had been done and even had upgraded disc brakes all round.
The body and interior was tatty but would have been a great project!


Renault have just facelifted the Fluence, but the revised versions will not be made in RHD form as the sales in the UK have been too poor. So the ones we have, (maybe 100 odd?) are real rare beasts.

Edit: posted before I read ASKHO’s post!

It’s been facelifted, so has the facelift has been dropped from UK markets? I like the Fluence, but it doesn’t “fit” the UK market being a saloon.
With very poor sales, it is likely to that RZE will concentrate on the ZOE which could be popular in the UK.

I’m delighted the marque is not being retired, but you’ll note it is simply a facelift to the existing LHD conventional range that has been available across Europe even before the ZE version. The facelift does not appear to affect the ZE as this had an extended chassis to cope with the battery pack in the boot - so no real change for us to worry about!

Renault have not retired the Fluence. They have just stopped making RHD Fluence EV because of poor sales in the UK. I think you will find they have facelifted the Fluence EV too, just to give it the new corporate Renault face. You have no worries, yours is a very rare RHD.

As I noted - the Fluence ICE continues - but what do you base your assumption there will be any ‘facelift EV’ (of any variant)?

The failure of the battery -swap model means the vertical battery will be dead, and the length of the car be restored to its standard measure - I doubt there will be a face lifted EV in 2014, next year is a possibility - but until the option of a purchased battery arrives, I won’t hold my breath!

Nevertheless, I couldn’t be happier with the MK 1 - it remains a joy to drive, even if nobody notices you!

Nevertheless, I couldn’t be happier with the MK 1 - it remains a joy to drive, even if nobody notices you!
Still waiting for your review! :wink:


It was reported in Autocar, doesn’t mean it is necessarily accurate. But can’t see Ranault facelifting the Fluence, but leave the EV version “unfacelifted”. Is there such a word?

Well, based on how many they sold RHD, then LHD, as an EV is was a modification on an existing floor plan. Remember too, the ICE Fliuence was out several years before.

It would be unrealistic to expect a simultaneous release of a MK 2 Fluence and a redesigned MK 2 EV in the same year, unless the battery was back under the floor !

My understanding is it’s just basically a new nose job, so it’s not a big deal.