For sale twizy power box brand new

I have a brand new twizy power box which just arrived yesterday, and comes with 1 year full guarantee from Keneth.

I ordered it a couple of weeks ago advance to my twizy arriving, but since Ive had my twizy, I find it goes pretty fast enough for me and faster than I was expecting, so I dont really need the extra power, hence the reason for the sale.

Come in box etc, will take photos later tomorrow.

£320 plus postage so save yourself £100 thanks


A bargain for someone!

[quote=“DoingMyBit, post:1, topic:1916, full:true”]
… but since Ive had my twizy, I find it goes pretty fast enough for me and faster than I was expecting, so I dont really need the extra power, [/quote]

Really…!? You don;t have to drive faster with the extra torque that the PB brings, but it’s nice to have it if you want. More to the point, you can set 3 different profiles and one will suit you I’m sure. The ability to switch Regen on/off at the touch of a button and the display alone makes it worthwhile for me.

Did you actually try it before deciding to sell? If not, then you really should try it - it is a revelation!

Hello. Any photos? :slight_smile:

Hi Ringa, thanks kindly for the post, no not even tried it, I just find at 50mph I find it pretty scary, especially round bendy county roads, which is my usually commute, I really have straight stretch that needs more than 50mph so hence why.

Also I havnet had time to work out how it attaches to the car, it has a scart lead, and I havnt seen a scart attachment in my car. Im sure its easy enough, but havnt had time to figure it out.

Just thought I would sell it quick while it still has a full guarantee.

I’m tempted by your view though, but it feel like it would just be an luxuary indulgent that I will rarely use. :slight_smile:

Hello from Munich,
if you like to ship to Germany, I would take it for the price of £333 :wink: incl. postage.
Hope, we will make it

For me the most important benefit of the PowerBox is the way the car pulls away from a standstill when a higher torque setting has been selected on the module. It’s much quicker away from the lights, from a junction or passing slow-moving vehicles and in my view fundamentally makes the Twizy a much safer thing to drive in traffic. Sure the top speed is raised a little (in practical terms from 50mph to about 60mph), but that is entirely incidental to the main benefit of smoother and much more progressive throttle response. I rarely go above 50mph anyway, as it eats far too much juice from the battery of course. And to be able to switch off Regen braking when conditions require it is another great feature.

The connector you see is actually called OBD2, although it does look a bit like a SCART plug. There’s a suitable connection in the bottom of the left-hand side dash storage pod and the Powerbox plugs straight in. It will automatically connect and then offer options to set the tuning level and such like. Please read the manual carefully and it will all become very clear (particularly the recommendation to set Auto-Mode after tuning).

If you don’t like it you can of course put the Twizy back to original via the menus and sell the box on, but my suspicion is that you’ll love the better take off performance and will no longer worry about getting into traffic flows with what was a rather slow-responding throttle action as originally calibrated by Renault.

The top speed really has nothing to do with it. It is a totally different drive after you update with the PowerBox. The power delivery is far smoother, the performance is much more linear.

I really wouldn’t sell until you’ve tried it as it totally transforms the drivability.

@DoingMyBit. If you are still considering selling after the advice posted, I may be interested in buying.