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For the Americans, I would like to make South Dakota a republic

Hello all,

I am going to live in South Dakota, and it’s funny that this topic is started by me. I just wanted to say that, if anything I say is taken offensively by some, please forgive me.

Having Russian ancestral roots, I consider myself to be british-born, and I follow british-traditions. I still, however, eat Russian food and celebrate all Russian traditions.

My accent is a strong british one, and if you were to hear me speaking, you’d never know I’m foreign.

Heres the thing though, the British occupied South Dakota a couple hundred years ago, they changed a lot, made it a state.

I have plans to buy out half of the state in terms of land.

What would I need to do to make the people chose me as State Senator so that I could form a republic, and with the help of my people, change the laws to make South Dakota a better place. I don’t really like the way the country as a whole is run, but South Dakota, Aberdeen in particular, is one of the most peaceful cities in the continent, if not the world.

I wouldn’t use the dollar, rather make golden coins, with the weight. Granted, more hassle during transactions as the gold would have to be weighed out, but China has plans to use the same method, instead of the dollar which is going to die real soon.

Spoke to father, he said that all the other states would place an embargo on me, but thinking about it, South Dakota is a place which has a lot, if not the most, live stock in the country, hence why price of living is low.

Also, I would be more willing to allow immigrants in. SD is, well… white. Some variety would be nice, but not to the level of East London (if you’re from here, you’ll know what I mean, it’s not a multicultural britain, there’s barely any white folks)

Please, Americans, and non-Americans, tell me what you think, if my idea is good or if it would work