For those who have a Twizy produced after July 2016 and want more Power

Hi, I have today arranged a deal with for a little better prices on the Sevcon Gen4 controllers. That’s good news for you who have a Twizy that is produced after July 2016 and wants a Powerbox.

Here’s a link directly to the controller you need
Sevcon Gen4 48v 450A
When you buy a Motor Controller of Voltsport, just add in the comments that Kenneth has sent you here and you’ll get a slightly better price of them :slight_smile:

For those who have not heard anything about this yet, it’s so that we can now tune the new Twizy model but you need to replace your Motor controller with either an older used controller or a new public Sevcon controller like the one I link to above .

You must then send the controller to me, so I program and prepare for you (its free because it’s expensive enough to just send them :-). When you get it back from me, just mount it and connect your new Powerbox and you’re done. It will be plug and play :-).

It is about 1 hour to install a controller. You will get help from me if you need and I also have a guide that shows how :slight_smile:

Here is the guide


Did anybody get Quote reply from voltsport yet? Applied on the 5th and still no answer :weary:

I talked to them today and they have some delivery time issues and we had a discussion on which model best suits. Probably why they have been a little late to answer you. If you do not hear anything from them tomorrow, send them a message again :slight_smile:

Will do Thx

Hi kenneth
I plan to buy à New twizy. Does your solution match With moSt recent twizy ranges?
Otherwise is it possible to use other batteries ?
Do you have any issue or adress? Thks à lot


Your range will depend on how heavy your foot on the pedal will be. Keep in mind that when bying a new twizy your ECU will not work with the powerbox. My solution will be to purchase a new ECU and have Kennith program it to fit with new firmware.

Good morning. I have a twizy of 2018 standard.

Kenneth, what can your Powerbox do for me? Could you modify some value ?. control regenerative braking ?. In the future, do you think that you could modify some value that you can not now? Thank you so much for everything. a greeting.

I have 2018 whit powerbox. You can use everything.

@Chache Yes you can use it all but in addition you need to replace your motor controller. If you are willing to replace it, then a Powerbox will work normally on the new Twizy models.

Send me a PM or email to [email protected] for more info

I was to Kenneth and changed sevcon, powerbox works perfectly, don’t hesitate but do it.

Did anyone get a ballpark price on the new controllers?