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Fording water in a Twizy

I am not sure what the official advice is on the depth of water a Twizy can safely ford; anyone any idea?

I have had to take mine through some standing water in numerous places on the school run again today and it kept surprisingly dry-the shape of the vehicle pushes the water away from the door bases and the water goes over and around the cabin, whilst the narrow wheels cut through the water and allow steering control. I was lucky that I was close enough to the cars coming the other way that their splashes did not get over the doors-these protected me well without windows.

At what point do you get in trouble? What is the crucial area to keep dry-I guess the battery contacts and control units?

A good and topical question. I have no idea. the cabling is petty low, but I would be more concerned with the electronic circuits and motor.
The depth of water has to be considered against how fast you go through it.
I’ve been out in some bad rain and big puddles were I’m sure water squirted up through the holes in the floor but the puddles were not that deep.
So drive slower and not let it spray up inside. The 12V battery is lower than the traction battery. but it is the wash upwards that would be the issue.

I’ve certainly gone through a large puddle and got water coming through the hole where the steering column comes through.

Generally, the Twizy seems pretty water-resistant. After all, it’s a waterproof car in a lot of respects because of its design.

I’d say that certainly half way up the wheels isn’t a problem: that’s what I’ve done before. But I would advise that driving too quickly may create enough force to unclip parts of the body panels (I’ve seen that happen before!)


Good to know!

I once made the mistake of leaving the heating fully on in a Citroen 2CV when entering flood water and the water hit the red hot heat exchangers and filled the cabin fully with white steam-so much so that it was impossible to see anything-just like Cheech and Chong’s Impala:


Dunno about the actual wading depth but my wee Twizy has just been taken away on a flat bed for repair after the accelerator pedal took a dislike to the damp. Every time i accelerated it would either delay in returning to the off position and twice it stayed on without assistance! A few close shaves with the cars in front as I tried to brake and get my toe under the accelerator to lift it. It would appear the relentless damp has also killed the contacts in the Hazards light button and it doesn’t go either so its a two for one repair at Renault -beware folks !

Oh God, mine lives outside, gets thoroughly soaked daily and never dries this time of the year. I thought they’d sealed it against water!