Forget the windows

I have got the official Renault windows, and so far this year they have been left off and sitting in the garage. I drive my Twizy everyday, except if it is really bucketing down. I intend to go through this winter without the windows and see how I manage. I get wrapped up nicely and really it’s no bother at all.
Have you got your windows on now for the winter? If you have, take them off and try. You will be pleasantly surprise. It’s much nicer without the windows, less wind noise and less buffeting, surprisingly. I think it’s because the Twizy was designed that way.

Have you got your windows on now for the winter?

Yes. and they are staying in! :slight_smile:
I have the French Perspex Windows fitted which fill the window openings completely.
They are also lockable so keeping people out which I like.
I drive my Twizy every day in all weathers.
I first started out with the Renault Windows and must agree that they are rubbish!


Never had windows, probably never will.
Never needed them.
This is my 3rd winter and I drive it in all conditions, snow is just a pain to sweep out before you leave.
Small issue compared to messing around with the windows every time just is case it snows.

Bought some windows & decided that they wernt going on my Twizy :slight_smile:
i actual get too hot in a normal car now, got so used to my little car . If I drive to work solo in a normal car , I actually have the window wide open most of the time, is this eccentric do you think ???

The official windows spoil the Twizy, they don’t keep out the wind, rain or weather and mar the experience of driving the car, as well as being a damned nuisance to operate.


No not at all. I’m suprised just how many car drivers like to drive with the windows open at this time of year. Perhaps they are just jealous :smiley:

How does the outside bodywork of the roof cope with your perspex windows? I find that even the Renault plastic ones leave marks and the windows themselves get scratched. Opening the door is OK as you have to pull the window outwards so it clears the bodywork, but when you close the door, the window will come into contact with the bodywork. With your perspex ones, don’t you have scratches in the paintwork and the perspex?

Have to agree with everyone on this one, the Renault windows are crap. It’s very much an afterthought, and a bad one at that.

The perspex windows have a rubber seal around the edge, so no problem


But surely the edge seal does not prevent the perspex bit rubbing on the roof paintwork as you close the door with the window in.

Let’s face it, the Twizy wasn’t really designed to have windows, and some say it wasn’t *really *designed to have doors! Having said that, our rural Twizy being trialled in Scotland has the Renault “official” windows, and I note that the trial subjects put them in when it is rainy (they obviously don’t worry about COLD!). The reason they do that (because you don’t usually get wet in a Twizy from normal rain) is because they have close to horizontal rain. But wind speeds like that bring their own problems, and the (otherwise kooky and quite stylish) door design really doesn’t help. Opening a windowed door in a high cross wind is a somewhat tentative experience, and the window mounts are quite easily wrenched out. I would imagine that more rigid windows would suffer similar strain.

Paradoxically, I think fitting a doorless Twizy with (temporary) weatherproofing might be more practical for very rough climates. Removable (full frame) doors, anyone? :smiley:

I saw a natty zip up full soft side door/window kit for doorless versions, tent-style that looked decent, sorry can’t remember where now; I’ll post if I come across it :rolleyes:

But surely the edge seal does not prevent the perspex bit rubbing on the roof paintwork as you close the door with the window in.

The window frame that holds the Perspex is designed to hold the windows a fraction outside the car frame.
They are held in place with a ‘Window Bolt’ that bolts up into the cars frame.
You have to drill a 5mm hole into the cars upper frame plastic, but it does work!
So when I come to get into the car I unlock the window lock.
Slide the window back and reach inside and pull the bolt down, the window pops out and I open the door.
Once sat inside the car I shut the door and pull the window in and put the bolt in place and close the window.
Sounds like it’s long winded but it only takes seconds :slight_smile:
The big plus is that the car is locked and reasonably secure.


Sounds like a bit of design effort had gone into the making of these windows, rather than the pathetic Renault attempt. What is the make and how much are they, if you don’t mind me asking.

I don’t Know if the company are still making them, the old weblink is no longer working.
Here is a video that shows the windows


With my Twizy they were an absolute pain to fit, the left hand side didn’t fit and I had to heavily modify the frame.
Not the companies fault, just there was a major difference in the door aperture size on my Twizy!
i had to strip the Powdercoat off the left frame. Cut and reweld it, then get it re-powder coated.

Stop Press
just found a Link :- reported as a scam and not original firm.



They look pretty decent-especially compared to the official Renault ones!

Thanks for the info. Now that you have mentioned it, I remember reading about your problem with the fit and also watching the video. As I said some design effort had gone into it. I particularly like the bit that sticks out at the front edge which locks on to the Twizy side screen. That prevents the windows from bulging out with built up internal pressure with speed. That’s what happens with the Renault ones, lifting them clear off the car frame and creating a hell of a lot of wind noise.

Be careful ! Ecolorelax is a scam. A lot of people of my Facebook group has ordered these windows but received nothing.

I would like to present my own side windows named “PolyGo” in this video :

What do you think of that ?

If that is the case can the Moderators please remove the Web Links.
The French Windows I bought were supplied very speedily, but perhaps the above link has hijacked there product???