Forgot how bad the brakes were without the Powerbox!

Taking my Twizy in tomorrow to have the discs and pads replaced, it has done 19000 miles :slight_smile:
So tonight I put the Powerbox back to the original tuning before taking it to the Renault dealer.
Been using the Powerbox for a few months with the extra Regen and I have forgot how bad the brakes are with the Regen set to normal!



One of the reasons that the discs deteriorate so quickly is that Regen reduces their usage so much that surface rust builds up and this eats the discs away MUCH faster than when being used in the ‘traditional’ way. Our Twizy has just had an MoT and to make sure I didn’t get the same Advisory about the condition of the discs as I had last year, I switched off both Lift Off and Braking Regen for 2 weeks before the test, to clean up the disc surfaces. This really worked and the discs looked really good and more importantly, now worked really well just as pure ‘friction’ brakes. No Advisories and it sailed through the MoT.

Have now put the Regen back on and of course the power of the brakes is now improved, but I will do a regulary ‘maintenance’ job just like this, maybe twice a year from now on.

As part of the process I checked the thickness of the pads and after 7,700 miles, I need new pads badly it seems, so I am glad I checked things properly this time…!

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I do try and use the brakes all the time to stop rust forming.
My Twizy is probably better than some in that it is used almost every day :slight_smile:


some good tips here, is there anyway of seeing how the discs are doing or cleaning them off if we are using the powerbox?

Yea the Powerbox makes such a difference! I’m glad I got it.