ForTwo EQ - Range

I keep reading various figures. Smart say things like “With a range of up to 70 miles on a single charge, smart EQ fortwo and forfour offers all the convenience …”

Other owners mention up to 90 miles.
Some youtube videos say 100 miles!

Would I be close with a real world figure around 60 miles?

Thank you

Presuming you’re based in the UK, I think you can expect the following averages from a ForTwo:

Peak of summer: 92 miles
Spring/autumn: 74 miles
Peak of winter: 61 miles

Of course there are all sort of factors, though. The figures above are if you always use ECO mode without heating or air-conditioning. Expect those figures to drop by at least 8 miles when you use the heater (to blow warm air) or use air-conditioning. Blowing cold air doesn’t affect the car’s range. Keeping the temperature at 20c when using AC and 22 when using the heater make quite a difference and improve your range. Try using AC at 18c and you’ll see what I mean…

And your average speed will make a difference; as will air temperature, rain, etc. Those are the figures I get and I drive an average of 66mph during the summer and 53mph during the winter over a daily round trip of roughly 77 miles/116km. (those speeds and ranges are converted from kilometres).

I just finished tracking my full charges over a period of a year: And you can see more about my experience over the past year here:

And if you’re going to buy one, buy the optional 22kW charger - it’ll be money worth spent!

Thank you for that good real information Stuart.

The car will come with 22kw unit

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