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Forum is super quiet

I see the forum is very quiet, I see a lot of people view the posts but don’t really reply… lets talk :slight_smile:

Agree with that, it’s not at all chatty on here compared to the other forums I’m on, but there are less users due to the number of Twizys v other cars!

Exactly. Only around 400 Twizys in the UK so it’s quite a small potential userbase! This tends to be a place for when people have problems more than anything or need specific information!

Do people think this forum is worth keeping going? It currently costs me £20 per month in hosting so if it’s not being used I might as well save myself some money!

Sounds like time for another Donation push, like you did before. I take it the adverts don’t help much.

Hi, James. Didn’t realize it costs you money to run this forum. Pardon my ignorance. I know there are only limited Twizy owners, but it has been a great forum. I have learned a lot about the Twizy and many tips from other forum members. I hope it doesn’t close.

The ads were just about covering the cost of the hosting up until about 5 months ago. My ad revenue went from about £20 per month down to about £4! Really odd as traffic and clicks have stayed roughly the same.

To be honest, I could have opted for cheaper hosting, and I did have cheaper hosting at one point, but as the forum grew people started complaining that the site was becoming slow. Therefore I decided to opt for forum specialised hosting to make sure everything runs nice and smoothly.

I find it useful myself, and have searched these forums on a number of occasions for information that you can’t find elsewhere. That’s only thanks to the members on here so I would like to keep it going if I can.

Agree there are not many cars on the road, but I used to see a few post every day. Sometimes there are none…donations and switch to a cheaper host?

I blame GTA 5. That’s what has pulled me away. Had the Twizy a year in about a week or two. Was going to do a year in review. I think the problem is, not many cars on the road, and there is very little to go wrong with the car or even mod. Seems to mainly be people complaining or arguing. Donation push would be good.

Haha I have to admit I’ve also spent way too many hours on GTA V. I snapped up the ‘Twizy’ private plate in the game! Looks great on the golf carts haha :smiley:

I personally find this forum very usefyul. I have to
hold my hands up and say that I’m one who just views a lot, and only really comments when I have problems that need answering. This is a great way to get specific information and support. I urge everyone to do what I do and click a few ads each time you come on. You never know, it could even be useful to you!

Does clicking on the adverts make contributions in dosh to the site?

It does but I’d advise against just clicking multiple times for the sake of it. That would be against Google’s t&c and probably result in lower earnings. Only click an ad if you’re genuinely interested.

Mail order brides Click

Red Diesel ummm no thanks

This raises a good point. Most of the ads served to me tend to be pretty relevant, but I’ve heard that’s not the case with everyone on here?

Who is getting extremely irrelevant ads being served to them? It may be a problem with the way something’s set up.

Although now days most I recognise/relevant, I still get a number in other languages and ones the wife would not approve of!

My wife is open minded but the marriage paperwork that’s a head ache.

on a serious note most do not fit. Mail order brides getting less, but more red diesel, and other oils.

Well I for one find the forum very useful and try to help users when I can as let’s be honest we know more on here than Renault UK do

The problem with all the posts is that most of the things to be said are already said.

  • Reviews of the car have been made. You can’t make a review twice, maybe just from a different company. (But the novelty of the car to review is almost gone, i.e. it is not a ‘new’ car anymore.)
  • The Twizy is almost fully disassembled for information about almost every topic. New questions don’t arise as information can be found in past threads.
  • Technology is advancing slowly. New battery technology is not for tomorrow to announce, it is way too early to announce a new Twizy II model, only new charge points could be announced. And is that worth announcing? The novelty of announcing new charge points is kinda diminished.
    So in short, big news items don’t come, and all information needed is already on this forum.

I can get some local news items if you’d like:

  • The charge points at Hasselt, Belgium, are broken, for more than 3 months now. The mayor still promotes the city as having many charge points and being green and stuff…
  • I can charge my Twizy at the garage of Renault at Hasselt, Belgium, instead, for free. It is outdoors and always available.
  • I can charge my Twizy at the garage of Renault at Bree, Belgium, for free but since it is indoors, only available at the opening hours. It is the closest charging point to the subtropic swimming pool of Erperheide, Peer, Belgium.
  • I can charge my Twizy at the centre of Diest, Belgium, for free but have to pay a parking ticket. It is secured with a key only available during opening hours of a nearby visitor centre. Because both starting and stopping the charge are only possible with the key, you need to stop the charge while the visitor centre is still open. If not, you will be charging all night without access to your Twizy.
    The cities discussed: link.
    So far the local news. You got anything better?

Been on holiday for a week in Tenerife, so not been visiting. Saw 1 Twizy, and have a rubbish picture which I will post later.
no point in electric cars here as v power unleaded only £1 per litre